Positive Reminders To Use Every Day

Posted on 28th December 2016

A daily burst of positivity and motivation can be a good thing. These little reminders can help to perk you up, inspire you to finish a task, and generally keep you going throughout the day. There are many ways in which you can set positive reminders for yourself and others. The internet provides easy access to motivational quotes, messages and videos that are great for influencing and inspiring. Affirmations allow you to create a personalised statement that you repeat to yourself, rather like a mantra. Post-it notes also come in handy when you want to remind yourself that you are awesome! To maintain a positive belief in yourself it is important to frequently remind yourself of how emotionally strong and confident you are. A few simple intention statements can have a huge impact on your day, and can also create on-going positivity.

                                                             Positivity Packed Reminders

Today Is An Awesome Day!

Your day begins the moment that you are consciously awake and aware. Before you get out of bed set the intention for the rest of the day. Speak it out loud, or in your heart, and start your day with the belief that you are stepping into an awesome day. This positive attitude will attract equally positive experiences as you go about your day. Try to erase any negative thoughts as they pop into your head, and maintain a bright outlook.

I Look And Feel Amazing!

How you feel about your physical appearance can have a positive or negative impact on your day. Get into the habit of greeting your reflection in the mirror with a cheery smile. Look into your eyes and tell yourself how you feel. Say the positive statement with genuine expression that comes from the heart and soul. Although this exercise may feel challenging at first, after a few days you’ll accept your reflection as a beautiful and empowered being.

I am Invincible!

This may have been a statement quoted by a character in an animated movie, but it undoubtedly creates a powerful impact. Feeling that you can do, and be, anything that you want is truly liberating. Invincibility gives you the confidence to get through challenging workloads, to meet your targets and deadlines, and to still have time for a tea break! Whenever you’re feeling weary and in need of a pick-me-up remind yourself of your invincibility.

I Give Thanks To Everyone And Everything

Being gracious and generous with your heartfelt thanks and compliments makes you feel instantly good inside. Get into the habit of saying thank you to the Universe for the basic things that you usually take for granted. Give thanks for the comforting cup of tea; the warmth of a coat or jacket; the birds that serenade you with song in your garden… Thank the people in your life, and the strangers that you meet, for making your world friendly, sociable and interactive. 

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