Overcoming Dating Insecurities

Posted on 1st February 2017

Along with more money and success, love is the Number One thing that we all want. To find the love that we long for, in a relationship, it’s necessary to go out there and meet potential partners. How you view the dating experience can have a negative or positive impact on the results. If you have any dating insecurities now is the time to let them go.

No Expectations Necessary

The combination of nervous anticipation, scrutiny and anxiety pressure tends to make dating pretty intimidating. This dangerous mix can bring out your insecurities and hold you back from being yourself. When you’re worried about the outcome, before the date has even started, you’re setting yourself up for a terrible dating experience. Letting go of expectations helps you relax and forget about your insecurities. If you have an insecurity wobble just remember that your date is probably having the same.

Common Dating Insecurities

It’s perfectly natural to have a few minor worries or concerns before the Big Date. These insecurities tend to be of the ‘what if’ kind. If you go around wondering ‘what if’ you’ll miss the opportunity to have a good time. Overcome your dating insecurities by focusing on the positives. 

What If I’m boring? Just because you haven’t travelled the world, or have a passion for extreme sports, it doesn’t mean that you’re boring. If you’re worried about coming across as dull and uninteresting then perhaps you’re dating the wrong person. Talk about the things that interest you, and ask questions about your date’s interests. You’re likely to find that you have some interests in common. Tell yourself that you have a magnetic personality and are fun to be with. If your date doesn’t realise this there are plenty of other people out there who will.

What If I don’t have anything to talk about?

Think of yourself as a confident and capable person who always knows what to say. Let go of any concerns regarding interpersonal skills and just be yourself. Whilst small talk is helpful in getting to know someone, talking on a date should come naturally. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with worry ask your date open questions so that he or she does most of the talking. Asking questions is also a great way to make someone feel comfortable and relaxed in your company. Just avoid asking anything that’s too personal, or talking about the weather.

What if I misread the signs?

Social interactions can be complex. Unless you have a job that involves ‘reading’ people and interpreting body language, there is always a chance that you might get something wrong. If you’re not sure what your date is trying to say or hint at, ask for clarification. It’s always better to be clear than to assume.

What if I’m not his/her type?

You are beautiful and desirable, and whether or not you are his or her type shouldn’t be your concern. When you view date night as a fun night out with someone new you can instantly let go of the pressure to be impressive and perfect. Stop worrying about how this person views you, and focus on having a good time, regardless of whether or not you see him or her again.

What if I embarrass myself?

If you start worrying about doing something stupid or embarrassing you are very likely to attract the experience that you want to avoid. Instead of thinking about nightmare scenarios picture the date as a magical, fun encounter. Visualise the perfect evening, with easy conversation, plenty of laughter and whatever else you would like to experience. If you’re getting on exceptionally well even a minor mishap will work in your favour. 

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