Opening Your Spiritual Path To Career Advancement

Posted on 2nd September 2015

Finding your true professional calling is a spiritual endeavour. When we love what we do, the type of work that we do, and in exchange for a living wage becomes almost irrelevant. This is because we simply step into our flow and are happy, fulfilled and satisfied.


 How To Love What You Do. Many people struggle when it comes to making important decisions about their career. This is why so many people continue to do work that does not satisfy their soul or aligns with their true purpose. These people tend to let their career path be shaped by outside influences, circumstances and the decisions that other people make for them. Fear of change can also leave people stuck in a boring and mundane job that they would happily quit given half a risk-free chance.   When we are unsure what criteria to use, to help us choose a career, we may at first consider objective factors like salary and job benefits. By tuning into your unique spiritual intuition or feelings you will feel guided towards making the decisions that 'feel right' for you. 

Call today for your spiritual reading, for help in identifying your path.   We all have the power to make positive life changes. Finding your spiritual calling doesn’t have to be a mysterious process. By adopting a more systematic approach you can take progressive steps towards career advancement with ease.  

Career Guidance. When we take full responsibility for our own life spiritual guidance opens up whatever path we are standing on. If you are frustrated and bored by your job, are longing for career fulfilment or wish to live a passionate life full of meaning, what you need to do will begin to become clearer and clearer to you. Meditation and quiet reflection are practices that are useful and beneficial to anyone seeking to get in touch with their own inner wisdom. This unique guidance system can help you identify the best career path to choose or direct you towards practical ways to make positive changes on the career path you are already on.

Opening Your Spiritual Path 

  • Learn about your gifts

Use meditation to help you identify your unique spiritual gifts and how these can best be used. A spiritual reading will also be beneficial.

  • Accept your gifts

Give thanks for your gifts and make a commitment to use them for the greater good.

  • Ask for guidance

Ask for spiritual guidance so that your path to career advancement is fully open and clear of obstacles or challenges.

  • Seek confirmation

Look out for signs that validate and confirm your career decisions. These can come in many guises so expect the unexpected.

  • Try out your gifts

Test your skills, knowledge, inner wisdom and intuitive beliefs whenever the opportunity arises.

  • Check results

As you step into a new and more fulfilling flow you will begin to see positive results and you will experience dramatic changes. Trust your intuition, particularly if you have a moment of doubt. If your check reveals that your progress is ineffective go back to step one and take another look at your spiritual gifts. Your Higher Self is always working with you to ensure that you achieve your desired career advancement.

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