New Year’s Resolutions for Your Zodiac Sign

Posted on 21st January 2019

Instead of writing a big boring list of New Year’s Resolutions, then beating yourself up come February when you haven’t done them all, why not choose something a little different – some New Year resolutions that are tailored to you and your Zodiac Sign?  

New Year Resolutions for your Zodiac Sign

To help you decide, here’s a list of fun and magical New Year’s resolutions for your zodiac sign! And since they’re a little more exciting than usual, maybe they might up our chances of actually fulfilling our wishes for 2019? Worth a try, right?  



New Year Resolutions for your Zodiac Sign

Spend more time outdoors. Take up painting. Change your hair. Tell yourself everyday you’re beautiful. Start a blog. Plant flowers. Join a yoga class. Learn to do a headstand. Study something that interests you. Start your own business. Make something. Buy a bicycle and ride it instead of driving. Learn how to make a vegetarian dish. Eat kale. Jump for joy. Practice gratitude. Go camping. Catch a fish. Write lists and reward yourself when you complete them. Try sea swimming. Compliment people. Smile.  



New Year Resolutions for your Zodiac Sign

Trust your own decisions. Make a recipe book. Go to bed at the same time every day. Join a dance class. Bake cakes for your friends. Be confident. Take a risk. Do something different. Rearrange your furniture. Paint your walls. Compare yourself only to a past version of you. Travel. Look for a better job with better pay. Sing. Go for walks in the park. Feed animals. Set a ten-year goal. Celebrate as if you’ve already achieved it all. Learn a martial art. Switch to natural beauty products. Meditate outdoors. Compromise. Laugh.  



New Year Resolutions for your Zodiac Sign

Let the past go. Embrace the unknown. Spend more time in nature. Listen. Use your hands. Sit all the way back in comfy chairs. Drink tea. Read fiction. Learn to code. Run as fast as you can as often as you can. Doodle. Tell yourself you are ok, even when you’re not. Walk slower. Learn another language. Practice patience. Play squash. Make stupid decisions. Accept your own imperfections. Drive with the windows down and the music up. Plant a tree. Take baths. Stop procrastinating. Eat more. Breathe.  



New Year Resolutions for your Zodiac Sign

Love yourself as you are. Throw out your to-do list. Practice pranayama. Eat more greens. Ask yourself how you feel, then tell someone about it. Listen to the ocean. Take a break. Take a walk. Do something that scares you. Go for a weekend away. Throw a party. Get someone else to tidy up. Go ziplining. Buy chocolate with no guilt. Lie down when you need to. Learn how to knit. Try a karate class. Plan a holiday. Go swimming more often. Write a journal. Hug someone. Compliment someone. Say no.  



New Year Resolutions for your Zodiac Sign

Create more quiet time. Look within. Forget about your troubles. Look at art. Imagine being someone else. Tidy your room. Join an acting class. Ride a horse. Get up early. Give money to the homeless. Take a deep breath. Learn to do a cartwheel. Buy less. Practice compassion. Carry rose quartz. Scream. Congratulate yourself and others for a job well done. Listen to meditation music. Go speed dating. Tell someone their best feature, remember your own. Try stand-up. Laugh.  



New Year Resolutions for your Zodiac Sign

Remember the present moment. Accept what is. Hug a tree. Talk to the moon. Give yourself a present. Pretend you’re not home. Listen to loud music. Daydream. Try belly dancing. Carry snacks. Plan a journey. Shout. Sing. Cry. Joke. Admit you’re a genius. Charge well for your time. Play table tennis. Breathe into your stomach not your chest. Go skinny dipping. Get lost in a book. Write about life. Learn your favourite rap song. Keep secrets. Play.  



New Year Resolutions for your Zodiac Sign

Ask yourself what you need. Put yourself first. Join a club. Speak your mind. Go ice skating. Ask for a raise. Learn how to debate. Be fearless. Choose. Go to the cinema alone. Read philosophy. Ask someone out. Paint your own portrait. Try synchronised swimming. Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. Stretch. Go without makeup. Accept a compliment. Get your hands dirty. Book a spa date. Disagree. Speak up. Love.  



New Year Resolutions for your Zodiac Sign

Lift your own spirits. Talk about your feelings. Practice magic. Sit in the sun. Share a secret. Tell a joke. Learn how to box. Take part in a competition. Make art. Learn to sculpt. Accept failures and admit successes. Dance. Ride a motorbike. Play an instrument. Smile even when you can’t or don’t want to. Send love letters. Go out in the rain. Fix something. Plan something. Give someone a gift. Drink coffee and write poetry. Train for a marathon. Keep trying.  



New Year Resolutions for your Zodiac Sign

Believe in yourself. Write a year plan. Write a musical. Run a mile. Tell yourself you’re amazing every day. Mow the lawn. Learn to dance. Focus on one task until it’s done. Stand up tall. Listen to punk rock. Forget the past. Remember the truth. Practice patience. Teach. Stay in one place long enough to see your own growth. Relax. Take day trips. Take photos. Tell people things you are proud of. Meditate on your root chakra. Eat healthy carbs. Create a routine. Grow.  



New Year Resolutions for your Zodiac Sign

Meditate. Love your imperfections. Spend time in the garden. Chant. Turn the laptop off. Don’t answer the phone. Ask people questions. Listen. Play mini golf. Practice breathing slowly. Accept that you can’t always win and that’s ok. Take a nap. Laugh at yourself. Go sailing. Pull silly faces. Take long showers and even longer baths. Become a leader or a teacher. Lay on a beach. Look at the positive. Grieve. Make eye contact. Study mysticism. Let go.  



New Year Resolutions for your Zodiac Sign

Create your own traditions. Explore somewhere new. Let out anger. Leave something for yourself. Study astrology. Write a short story. Get in touch with an old friend. Build a website. Start a club. Plant flowers. Design your own clothes. Help a charity. Cry. Cook for your family. Hug someone you love. Invent something. Paint something. Learn to astral travel. Volunteer your time whenever you feel able. Share. Practice Tibetan Buddhist compassion meditations. Love freely and openly. Learn.  



New Year Resolutions for your Zodiac Sign

Believe in the divine. Become a healer. Turn your life into art. Go hiking. Stick to your decisions. Write down your dreams. Talk about problems. Use music as therapy. Yoga. Believe in the goodness of people. Do what you said you would. Don’t shy away. Make a mess. Use a planner. Never let anyone make you feel silly for who you are. Feel all your feels. Offer your help. Make sure you help yourself too. Read tarot. Drink lots of water. Keep on trying and learning. Trust.  

Happy New Year my Lovely Stargazers! Much Love, Ellie Rose xx   

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New Year#s Resolutions for your Zodiac Sign
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