Why We All Need Some Soul Time

Posted on 30th June 2016
Most spiritual practices highlight the importance of inner work and solitude. Achieving this harmonious sense of peace and tranquility doesn’t require an expensive break at a retreat or chill out sanctuary. There is an abundance of mind, body and soul benefits available for free, whenever you are ready to tune into your Self and Source.What Is Soul Time?Soul time is the space we give ourselves in order to turn our attention inward. Focusing on yourself, whether you are facing a dilemma or simply wish to get better acquainted with your authentic Self, enables you to detach from outer world responsibilities for a while. This time is valuable, precious and essential, if you want to achieve and maintain inner harmony and a sense of wellbeing. Soul searching is a powerful skill that is often overlooked. Stopping what you’re doing, and thinking, is like pulling over on the hard shoulder, when you’re driving a car on the motorway. This orientating process gives you space and time to figure out if you are presently on the right road to your destination of choice. It also gets you back on track, if you have momentarily lost your way.Getting StartedTo get started it is important to unplug yourself from life. Switch off your phone and disconnect yourself from social media channels, so that you do not have distractions. It is a good idea to begin by setting aside one hour of time, where you know you will not be disturbed. Once you begin to experience the benefits of soul time you are likely to find that an hour is simply not enough time for you to fully enjoy your spiritual escape. Soul time is the perfect opportunity to explore the things that make you feel good inside. You can get started by finding a quiet place where you can sit and meditate for a while. Meditation is great for emptying the mind of constant mind chatter and random thoughts. Focus on your heart space and let worries and cares slip away. Embrace this time as a gift and use it to identify things that you enjoy doing. Ideally this is something that you become fully absorbed in – reading a book, gardening, dancing, painting or drawing and other creative pursuits. These simple pleasures are enjoyable because you allow yourself to get caught up in your natural flow. Connect with your inner child and recall the times when you were happy playing all by yourself, as a child. Without you knowing at the time, you were blissfully enjoying soul time.The Benefits Of Soul SearchingSoul searching can be likened to the experience of checking the coordinates on a map, in order to make sure that you are travelling in the right direction. When you pause on your journey you give yourself time to reevaluate, and to make any necessary changes en route. Visualise where you want to go, and what you want to do in your life, as well as who you want to truly be. Soul searching provides the clarity that you need so that you can begin your journey with renewed enthusiasm and focused determination. When you take advantage of every opportunity that you get to enjoy some soul time, you naturally move in the direction of inner peace, harmony and bliss.  
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