National Psychic Day 2022

Posted on 4th August 2022

The first Sunday in August is widely recognised as National Psychic Day. This annual event kicks off on Sunday 7th August this year and features a week of psychic and spiritual activities and celebrations all over the country.

Worldwide this is known as International Psychic Week and is celebrated throughout the week.

History And Origins.

The origins of National Psychic Day date back to nineteenth century England. It is believed that the event was staged by a well-known press agent Richard R Faulk stunt to promote the celebrity psychics that he managed. Since 1965 the annual event has attracted interest from the spiritual community, celebrity psychics and people who are keen to tap into their own unique psychic abilities. The main purpose of the day is to enjoy exploring and improving your psychic skills. Encourage your children to join in, and to trust their inner guidance and intuition. Look for fun ways to celebrate this magical spiritual time with the people you love.

Fun Ways To Join In.

One of the simplest ways to celebrate National Psychic Day is to have a psychic reading. Call your favourite psychic reader for insight, clarity and validation that helps you to develop your skills further. You could also trust your intuition to guide you to connect with a great new reader you have never spoken to before. Or try out an Email or Text psychic reading for the first time and be open to discovering new things about yourself. You can also attend psychic fairs, where you will meet plenty of like-minded people who are interested in developing psychic skills.

Hone Your Psychic Skills.

National Psychic Day is the perfect time to embrace your own intuition and psychic abilities. Everyone is born with natural psychic abilities, but only a few learn to develop and understand these gifts. Acknowledging that you too have unique gifts of ESP is the ideal starting point for developing your psychic skills. With practice and patience, you’ll quickly see how easy it is to tap into your conscious and subconscious, and to connect and communicate with spiritual wisdom. During National Psychic Day practice your skills by:

  • Making a prediction – the result of a football match, sex of your friend’s unborn child, or the name of the next person to call you on the phone are great fun ideas to try out. You can also use a pack of playing cards to practice your prediction skills.
  • Tapping into your inner guidance – practice tuning into your own spiritual wisdom by connecting with your guides during meditation. You can ask your Higher Self for information and insight that you can check out and validate later on.
  • Using psychic tools – practice your skills by using a pendulum, tarot cards, oracle cards, runes, crystals or other divination tools.
  • Research famous psychics – there are many books about famous, infamous and celebrity psychics available for you to read. Spiritual bookshops have a wealth of books and psychic tools for you to explore.

Call one of our experienced psychic readers for tips and insights on how to hone your psychic skills on National Psychic Day.  


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