Modern Christmas Rituals

Modern Christmas Rituals

 The way in which we celebrate Christmas has a varied history. Many seasonal traditions and customs have stood the test of time, and are still part of the annual festivities. Along with the Christmas stockings, carol singing and mince pies, many people are now also exploring modern Christmas rituals. Some of these contemporary rituals are inspired by international traditions, and reflect our desire for change, convenience and excitement. They also help us create a more personalised and memorable festive experience.



German Christmas Markets

German Christmas markets have become a popular seasonal attraction in the UK.

You no longer have to make a trip abroad, to sample the quaint customs and traditions of Germany. Many major cities and towns host the Christmas markets as part of their festive shopping experience. Some German Christmas markets in the UK attract visitors in their millions. In Birmingham alone, the Frankfurt Christmas market annually features 94 stalls and pulled in over 2.8 million visitors last year!

German Christmas markets are a popular attraction because they appeal to our sense of tradition. Whilst exploring with the stalls that sell handmade crafts and authentic German food, you’ll have an opportunity to sample the famous Glühwein mulled wine.




Open Air Skating

There’s something nostalgic and magical about watching Christmas movies that feature a snowy scenes and an outdoor skating rink. Skating outdoors surrounded by sparkling festive lights, with music playing, is a romantic Christmas experience that is becoming hugely popular in many major cities in the UK. Locations like Somerset House in London and Winter Wonderland in Edinburgh, now host an outdoor skating rink for 2-3 months every year.

If you dream about re-enacting your favourite Christmassy movie scene make sure that you take extra care. With the activity growing in popularity there are more skaters braving the ice. This also means that more injuries are likely.




OTT Outdoor Decorations!

The trend of decorating your home with a Christmas extravaganza lightshow doesn’t appear to be diminishing in popularity. More and more people are becoming obsessed with competing with neighbours, to see who has the most outdoor decorations and lights on display. There are even some people who spend all year preparing for the time when they can put their Santa and reindeer display on the roof, and decorate their home like Santa’s Grotto…



Christmas Home Makeover…

If you watch TV you’ll already be well aware of the unusual modern Christmas ritual of buying new furniture. The pre-Christmas sales offer appealing discounts to entice you to redecorate your home, in order to impress the family and friends that you have invited over for Christmas! The buy now, pay later option let’s you give your home a makeover in time for the festivities.



Professionally-Wrapped Presents

Having someone wrap up your Christmas presents is a luxury that is becoming highly popular. Up-market stores that sell lingerie, perfume and clothes tend to offer a gift-wrapping service as standard. Many major retail outlets are now also offering a designated gift-wrapping service to save you the time and bother. You simply take your presents along and pay for the convenience of someone else wrapping them for you.