Will you get a soul mate this Christmas?

Posted on 24th December 2014
On the top of everyone’s ultimate wish list is the elusive soul mate. This true love inspiring individual is what we’d all like to see wrapped up under the Christmas tree.CWhat is a Soul Mate?Depending on whom you ask the answer you receive to the question will vary. For some people a soul mate is the person they fall in love with. This in actual fact could be just about anyone, as we have the capacity to fall in and out of love with numerous people simultaneously. This type of love is simply love for another human being, and whilst that is special in it’s self it comes nowhere close to the love connection experienced with a soul mate. A soul mate is a male or female who is aligned and connected to you through your spiritual path. This highly attractive individual will grab your attention physically, mentally and emotionally and will turn your life into a rollercoaster ride. The phrase ‘be careful what you wish for’ was probably conjured up in order to perfectly describe the soul mate encounter. Although there will be plenty of enjoyable moments there will also be quite a few unexpected scary twists and turns.Soul Mate DeliveryAssuming you haven’t suddenly gone off the idea of requesting a special soul mate for Christmas, you will now be wanting to know all about the Universe’s expected seasonal delivery time. You may even be getting in some good deeds in order to rack up good girl points with Santa. It makes no difference though. A soul mate will be launched in your direction when you least expect it. Call it a little surprise, from the Universe, if you like. Usually what triggers the delivery is a major life trauma or hugely challenging series of events that turn your world upside down. The soul mate is sent in to help soothe the situation by commencing your healing process. This love god or goddess will seem like a godsend, and will encourage you to look at all aspects of your life so that your spiritual growth can take shape and form. Once you’ve worked through the trauma and you have moved up a spiritual level the soul mate will depart for pastures new, usually creating another traumatic experience in your life.How will you know when you’ve met your Soul Match?In the scheme of season, reason, lifetime a soul mate connection can be all three. The more spiritually evolved and aware you become the higher up and more intense your soul mate connections with become. A spiritual reader, who is skilled in matters relating to spiritual and soul mate love, can help you gain insight and information about your potential soul match. The reader may use tarot to link into the energy of the soul mate and will be able to identify the influence this person will have in your life. A spiritual or psychic tarot reading can also offer guidance regarding the intensity of the future soul mate connection, so that you are ready to be swept off your feet.    
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