Mantras for the New Moon

Posted on 1st May 2019
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It’s New Moon again, traditionally a time for change, and what better way to tell your mind that you’re ready for something new than with a mantra or two? You can learn these and repeat them to yourself while you’re walking, driving, exercising or even cleaning, or add even more motivated energy by singing them to yourself! This way, you’re signalling to your subconscious mind that you want something to shift, and then shift it will! If you fancy something really potent, why not make up your own mantra?  

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The real spelling of this is “aum? and this short syllable packs a powerful punch. In the Hindu Vedas (holy scriptures), OM is said to be the very first word uttered in creation and thus represents the vibration of universal consciousnesses – everything that is. Chanting OM is believed to bring energy all the way up through your chakra system, cleansing, energising and connecting you to the source – it’s like an all-in-one spiritual refresher and it’s pretty relaxing too – perfect for starting or finishing something.  

Om gam ganapataye namah

This one is for Lord Ganesh, the elephant headed god of abundance. Ganesh is a pro at unblocking obstacles and his mantra is a good way to start your day with an uplifting energy of “anything is possible?! Use it for projects, at work or when things feel a little tough and you need a helping hand.

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Aham Prema

This easy one means “I am divine love" and it’s designed to remind you of how amazing you are and how you are always one with the universe! When you’re feeling like you can’t achieve something, this is a perfect mantra to chant, as it can alleviate self-doubt – you’re an eternal being of light, of course you can do it!  

Om Hreem Shreem Lakshmi-bhayo Namaha

This one may seem long but once you master it you could end up with some serious abundance knocking at your door! This mantra is for Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and since her name is derived from the word for “aim" or “goal" she’s a great goddess to petition when you need the material world to deliver you some results! Lakshmi likes a clean and tidy home so make sure you get spring cleaning to make her and her riches welcome in your life.  

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Om Mani Padme Hum

This Tibetan Buddhist mantra is difficult to translate exactly, it means something like “behold the jewel in the lotus? but its symbolic meaning is very deep. It’s a compassion mantra and its underlying meaning is that, with the right combination of knowledge and practice, you can transform negativity into the pure positivity of one like the Buddha – now doesn’t that sound nice? Use this one for when you feel a little lost, scared, deflated or negative. You can search any of these on Google or YouTube to listen to how they’re pronounced, then all you have to do is memorise them and think of the meaning while you chant – that’s it! 

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