How to Manifest with the Moon Phases

Posted on 6th November 2018
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Do you consider yourself a witchy sort but when it comes to magic you get kind of lost? If so, you’re not alone! Practicing “magic" or “manifesting" with the Moon phases if you’re a Law of Attraction lover doesn’t have to be complicated or hard and you don’t need a bajillion herbs or even experience – all you need is your will to create change and some divine timing!

The “will" part is up to you, but I can help with the timing. When you time your manifesting with the Moon cycles, seriously exciting things can happen, and you’ll get to feel more in tune with the universe at the very least!


New Moon


When the Moon is new, it’s yet to be born in the sky. We’re at the beginning of the lunar cycle, so the most natural magic to work is to bring in new stuff! Whether that’s a new job opportunity, a date or some extra cash, the New Moon is a perfect time to list down all that you would like to see shiny and new.




Set intentions. Write a list of what you want and why, then read it aloud, light it on a candle flame (carefully), throw it into running water or bury it outside – whatever feels most fitting for you.



Crescent Moon


As the Moon begins to grow in size, so should your intentions! To make sure you see results, choose just one thing to focus on. Write it down somewhere you’ll see it, like on your fridge or your mirror and read it aloud daily.




Reading your one chosen intention aloud everyday will encourage you to start working it at it – don’t forget that the Moon alone isn’t enough to bring in what you want, you have to do your part too! Make sure you’re taking regular action towards your goals to help the magic along.



First Quarter


The Moon is now at the halfway point and the Sun and Moon are forming a 90° square to each other, which in astrology, brings some tension to the table. Use this tension to your advantage by looking at what might be blocking you from manifesting your desires.




Do some journaling about your goal! If you have some subconscious blocks, like perhaps feeling that you don’t deserve the thing you’re manifesting, try working through this by writing to allow the abundance to flow in unchecked.



Waxing Gibbous


This is the last few days before the Full Moon, so things are starting to hot up! This is a time of sizzling potential energy and should be a time when things feel like they’re starting to align for you.




Take one BIG action towards your goals to signal to the universe that you’re still in it to win it! This should be something a little outside of your comfort zone, like asking out that hot co-worker, planning a trip, applying for that job you don’t think you’re good enough for or taking the plunge on that course you’ve had your eye on – anything that makes you go “eek!" but gets you a little closer to your goal.



Full Moon


The Full Moon is the time that the Sun shines his light directly onto the Moon’s surface, lighting her up in a celebration of divine opposites! This is a potent time for magic, in particular, for feeling your feminine power – the power of creation.




Dance, sing, gaze at the Moon. Do something that makes you feel magical and free. Look back over the last couple of weeks and note how far you’ve come in your goals. Give thanks for this progress so far – you probably have some way to go, but if you’ve put in the effort, you should be seeing some results by now – let the Moon know that you appreciate her assistance in this matter.



Waning Gibbous (or Disseminating Moon)


As the Moon starts to wane, some things that aren’t serving us will begin to wane with her. Take this time to look at what in your life could do with being left behind – any attitudes, beliefs, habits or even material circumstances. What do you want out of your life now so that you can continue to grow in the direction you wish?




Meditation is the best thing to do now. Either take some time to focus on your breath and clear your mind so that important details come to light or visualise what you want to leave behind and what you desire your life to look like.



Last Quarter


During the Waning Gibbous phase, was there anything that came up for you as a negative? Some belief or habit or circumstance that you’d like left behind? If so, now’s the time to take action to eliminate it from your life.




Again, take some action towards removing this block or obstacle. Whether that’s having a clear out of your home, quitting a bad habit or adjusting your behaviour in some way – do something that signals to the universe that you’re done with this negativity and you want it out!



Waning Crescent (or Balsamic Moon)


We’re almost at the New Moon again and ready to start a new cycle once more. Think about the previous few weeks and your progress – what have you brought in? What have you let go of? What needs more work?




If you’ve still got a list of wishes or intentions pinned to your fridge, take them down now, take stock of whether or not you achieved them and why, then burn, bury or throw them into water – anything left behind now is just going to become stagnant so get ready to begin a new chapter. Any goals you aren’t done with can be adjusted and set as a new improved intention at the next New Moon.


Happy Manifesting!

Ellie Rose xx

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