The Magic of May Day and how to celebrate

may dayTraditional British May Day is steeped in tradition which has been celebrated for centuries, there particular main components that make up a may day celebration. Firstly waking up early is essential, it is said if a girl washes her face in the morning dew she will become very beautiful, it is also said if a young man washes his hands in the morning dew he will become more skillful. A May Queen is elected to oversee the day's activities and a crown of fresh flowers is essential  and  The May Pole   has to be erected  this is a tall wooden pole  at the top of the May pole there should are ribbons which are used to dance around the maypole during the day. Baskets of flowers are traditional gifts to give to your neighbours but be sure not to be caught as they can claim a kiss if they do! Something interesting is to Attempt a Folk Divination, it is said the Spirit and physical world are very close on May eve and in the evening Peel an apple with a knife so that the peel curls around into one piece, proceed to cut the apple in half and eat the half in your right hand with your back to a mirror. Throw the other half over your left shoulder and then quickly turn to face the mirror, it is said this will then reveal your future partners face looking over your shoulder.   Have a lovely may day celebration however you wish to celebrate.

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