Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon 2019: All You Need to Know

Posted on 16th January 2019

On January 20th to 21st there will be a Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon. This is an exciting time both astronomically and astrologically. Read on to find out all you need to know about January’s Blood Moon Eclipse.  

When and Where Can I See the Blood Moon?

People from Europe and America will be able to see the full eclipse, which will happen from GMT 05:16 and will last for 3 hours 17 minutes – so if you’re not enough of an early riser to catch the whole thing, you might be able to catch the second half before the Sun comes up in England.  

Blood Moon

What if I Miss It? When will the Eclipse Happen Again?

Unfortunately, this Blood Moon is a rare one and won’t happen again now until May 26, 2021. However, that one won’t be as visible from Europe, so best get out there for this one!  


Why is the Lunar Eclipse Red?

A lunar eclipse always happens at a full moon, when the Sun and Moon are opposite, and the Sun’s light illuminates the full face of the Moon. Because the orbit of the Moon isn’t an exact circle, when we have an eclipse the Earth’s shadow covers the Moon (either fully as in the “Full Lunar Eclipse" or partially as in a “Partial Lunar Eclipse" As the Moon moves out of the Earth’s shadow, the shadow crosses, eventually leaving us with a regular full moon. The reason for the red colour is that the Sun’s light is refracted through particles floating in the Earth’s atmosphere like volcanic dust, meteor pieces and other bits and bobs – making the Sun’s light a lot dimmer and causing the “Blood Moon" effect!  


What About the Astrology? What Does the Blood Moon Mean?

The January 21st Lunar Eclipse is in the sign of Leo and falls at 1°, meaning this is a time for change and focus on ourselves! This particular eclipse is square Uranus so you could feel a little rattled or experience sudden changes to your routine or even restless energy that makes you want to break free of your usual ways. Emotional outbursts might be on the cards so you’ll need to treat yourself and others with an extra helping of patience and understanding.  

However, with the Leo energy, leaning into kindness, generosity and creative expression will provide you with an outlet for any ups and downs and perhaps show you a new mindset or path to follow with confidence for 2019.  


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Much Love my Gorgeous Stargazers!

Ellie Rose xx 

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