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Posted on 10th December 2019


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Everyone is looking for love! It's the most common topic that us astrologers and psychics were asked in 2019. So to help you out a little, here are 12 types of love magic for your Venus sign! You can choose your Venus sign or stick with your Sun sign, or whatever resonates! We each have all 12 signs somewhere in our charts, but just remember to use this stuff wisely - whatever is meant to be will be and sometimes not getting what we want at the time is a huge relief in the future. I'm sure you've all had a date or two that you're glad never went any further? So, be wise, my little love witches, love yourself first and only then move on to your spells!

Aries Venus - Truth Divination

An Aries Venus moves fast. You know what you want when you want it and aren't afraid to do a bit of chasing. However, because of this, you can sometimes get involved with people who turn out to be, well, not your cup of tea, to put it mildly! So, when you need to know the truth about someone, try a bit of tea leaf reading. Make some loose leaf tea while chanting 11 times "show me the truth of the one I'm with". Drink the tea while thinking of that person. Then when you're done, swill the leftover leaves in the bottom of the mug, let your eyes glaze over a little and see what shape appears. If it's not clear, look it up online in symbol or dream dictionaries.  

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Taurus Venus - Attract The One

Venus is at home in Taurus so this placement is naturally all about love, and the finer things in life. You can have quite high standards because of this, so sometimes need to search a little harder for your perfect partner. If you're single and looking, try this quick spell while in the shower. Choose a fancy body wash and while using it in the shower, treat it as a seriously indulgent experience. Chant "I have choices, I'm admired, I attract one that lights my fire". Then head out somewhere with your best smile on!

Gemini Venus - Communication Boost

Gemini is ruled by Mercury so its important to have good communication with the one you love. If you're currently in a stage where communication isn't flowing in the way you want, try this simple yet effective meditation. Sit somewhere quietly and take 6 deep relaxing breaths with your eyes closed. Then picture your love in front of you. What do they look like, what kind of presence they have. Then start by telling them first (in the visualisation) "I love you" or "I respect you" then begin telling them how you feel. Let them reply and converse in the visualisation as long as you need. At the end, say "I love you" or "I respect you" again. Come back to the room and decide now if you need to go and do this for real with that person, in which case, the practice will make your communication much clearer, or if this practice was enough to feel better.  

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Cancer Venus - 4D Trust Bond

Venus in Cancer is a homebody and values security over anything. This means that sometimes they can get stuck in worry or mistrust, or even create problems themselves. If you are lacking trust in your relationship, for whatever reason, try a bit of couples magic to create a safe and loving bond. Get together somewhere comfortable and spend 5 minutes simply staring into each other's eyes. The eye is the window to the soul, so by sharing eye contact, your souls can communicate on their own level. Make sure to hug afterwards to bring the energy into the physical realm. Do it often!

Leo Venus - Attract Appreciation

A Leo Venus is incredibly generous and warm but needs the same attention in return. However, since you're so confident, people can forget that and you might end up feeling neglected! To attract the kind of appreciation you deserve, try this easy charm. While getting ready in the morning, imagine that someone else you know is doing these things for you - picture your partner brushing your hair, your child brushing your teeth, whoever isn't fully appreciating you. Then after each task is done, say "thank you so much. I enjoyed that" with a genuine smile. You're putting the vibration into the universe and the universe will reflect the feeling back to you. Just watch!  

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Virgo Venus - Body Confidence Goddess

Virgo Venus is so busy attending to everyone and everything that she can forget herself, but this is kind of convenient as she's often so wrapped up in her thoughts she forgets her body. Try letting your hair down and lighting a fire within. Everyone knows Virgo is secretly a hot earthy Goddess when she allows herself to be, so let's work on that body confidence. Find a place where no one will disturb you and put on some seductive music. Dance like you are the Goddess herself. Embody that earth Goddess energy by moving each body part freely. Afterwards you will feel like the queen you are.  

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Libra Venus - Karmic Justice

The other sign ruled by Venus is Libra, so here we have someone in love with love! But this means that sometimes our expectations and reality don't match up - we get treated badly or give too much, someone leaves when we wanted more. Being a Libra Venus means we care deeply about justice, harmony and fairness, so if you've been dealt a bad hand, this Karmic charm should help. Find a Goddess you resonate with and settle down to connect with her. Meditate on her image for a while, to music if that helps. Then ask her "Oh Goddess, thank you for everything you do, I ask you just one thing, to deliver me what I deserve, someone who matches my energy, my kindness, my heart. If we all get what we deserve, please show me this kindness" then every day until the next full moon, light a candle by her image. On the full moon, repeat the spell and wait to see what happens!  

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Scorpio Venus - Cord Cutting

Scorpio Venus loves deeply, sometimes a little too deep! You can attract people that aren't good for you sometimes, in friendships as well as romance. At some point you might decide you are better off without someone but not be able to shake them off! This can sometimes be Karmic, but you can do something about it. Get into a meditative state and call in Archangel Michael. He is a powerful protecting figure and he helps with "cord cutting". Ask him "Archangel Michael, please cut any cords I have with "person" and end any soul contracts I have with them. I give you full permission to do this now. Thank you". Imagine a beam of white or purple light around you, protecting you from harm. Then know you will begin to see the back of that person now.  

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Sagittarius Venus – Spice It Up

Since a Sag Venus needs so much freedom in a relationship, they can get bored easily! This can make problems where all that's needed is a little spice in the relationship to shake things up. You can do this charm on you or your partner. While making you or them a cup of tea or coffee, sprinkle a little cinnamon while whispering "spices, fire, Venus & Mars, make our love as exciting as the Moon and the stars". Then serve!

Capricorn Venus - Time for Two

Sometimes a Capricorn Venus is so busy hustling on the money and security aspect of Venus, they forget all about the love and pleasure side, but what to do? If there's no time, there's no time! Or is there? Use this little charm to bring in an unexpected break - could be a random day off from work, a free babysitter or just an hour for coffee one morning. If you're craving time with your beloved (or even just for you!) This is the one. You don't have time for set spells so throughout the day, every time you look at a clock, repeat 3 times "wow I have some time for me (and person)". If you're in the office, just whisper or think it. Do this for 3 days and you'll start to believe it, that's when your free time will come.  

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Aquarius Venus - Sweet as Honey

Since Aquarius is an air sign and traditionally ruled by restrictive Saturn, emotions can be a little hard to share sometimes. If you or someone you know is struggling to open up and be sweet and loving, try this little spell at home. Get a jar and either a picture of you or the person you want to sweeten up, put it in the jar and fill the jar with sugar and honey while chanting "sweet as sugar, sweet as honey, share your sweetness, share your love". But do remember this only works to enhance and share existing feelings rather than to create feelings from nothing.

Pisces Venus - Unrequited Magic

And we come to the most sensitive of all the signs, dear Pisces Venus, who can sometimes fall so deep it's not reciprocated, or maybe it is, but you're too shy to ask? This charm will help to nudge that person towards you, so you can see how they truly feel.   Write on a piece of paper the person's name and date of birth if you have it. Then the line "Come to me, come to me, if we are meant to be". Take it outside on a New Moon and bury it in the earth so that feelings will grow, if they're meant to!  

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So, that's it love witches! If you liked this article please share it so others can feel the love too!

Ellie Rose x

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