Love Charms

Posted on 14th November 2013

Love charms symbolise enduring passionate sentiments and range from a song to a lover to a bouquet of romantic roses. From time immemorial, people have played "cupid". The word "charm" derives from the Latin “Carmen” meaning "song". In the way that Indian snake charmers use their instruments to induce the snake to emerge from the basket, so words and music are used to seduce a lover. 

Tokens of Love Charms can be used positively or negatively  for example, mermaids were reputed to use songs as charms to lure sailors onto rocks, but the tradition of serenading your lover with a romantic song uses music as a love charm. Sometimes a love charm is very simple, such as a flower plucked from the hedgerow. It is the intent with which a charm is given, that makes it meaningful. Love charms have been throughout history, a fidelity charm is a very old love charm, used by men and was taken from a wolf genitals, cheek hair and eyebrows and burned together. If he gave a women the potion surreptitiously, she would desire only him.


Cleopatra had a more pleasant way of charming a lover: when mark Anthony was coming to call, she laid a path of roses for him two feet deep. Rose's are still popular love charms today. 

Love positions in a Midsummers Night Dream, Oberon dropped a love potion onto Titania's eyelids while she slept. On waking, she fell in love with the first thing she saw, a donkey! Flowers for love contribute to love magic. Flowers have for a long time been used in love charms. Red Roses Probably the most enchanting is a bouquet of roses. Myth has it that as Venus, goddess of love, ran to save her wounded lover Adonis, she caught her legs on the thorns of a white rose bush; her blood turned the roses a deep red colour. 

Aphrodisiac substances food or drink can be added to love charms to increase feelings of desire in your partner or someone you are trying to attract, love potions have always been given not only to charm someone into loving you back, but to also enhance love which already exists. To boost libido, the old saying goes, "the way to a mans heart is through is stomach" so feed him aphrodisiacs such as oysters, or make a love potion with peppermint, cinnamon and cloves. 

Chocolate ever since its introduction in the west, chocolate has been considered aphrodisiac and sensual. Shoes and spoons love charms can be used, using objects that are not automatically associated with love today, but which have traditionally been used as keys to the heart in the past. Love spoons in Wales, young men carved love spoons for their girlfriends. They incorporated fancy shapes such as hearts, keys and locks to say "you unlock my heart " Horseshoes were given at weddings, as a protective charm for the young lovers . Jewels of love gemstones and jewellery are popular lovers' gifts. Many gems are associated with love because of their romantic colour such as pink, or their physical qualities ,such as the enduring diamond. Heart Shapes in medieval times, it was believed that the heart was the seat of all emotion which is how this shape came to represent romantic love. Anything heart -shaped can be given as a love token. 

Rings representing love and weather, are wedding or engagement rings have traditionally been worn on the third finger of the left hand. This was because it was once thought that the artery ran from there to the heart. Diamonds and Rubies Jewellery made with diamonds is a popular love token. Diamond is the hardest known mineral and thus represents "indestructible love" this is why they're commonly used in engagement rings . Jewellery set with deep red rubies represent passion. Thank you for reading this article and go ahead and give that special someone a love charm today ,you will be surprised at the magic it holds ****** written by reader by Nicola Rose



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