Lockdown Love Tips for Your Partner’s Zodiac Sign

Posted on 6th November 2020
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Lockdown Love Tips for Your Partner’s Zodiac Sign. It might be lockdown again but your love life doesn’t have to suffer! Our lockdown love tips for each zodiac sign show you how to best treat your partner in lockdown to keep the romance flowing throughout.…  Read for your partner’s sun, moon, rising or Venus for women, 

Mars for men. You can find out their planetary placements by putting their birth details into astrolabe.com or any free online astrology chart website.  

Aries – stay active Aries partners that sweat together, stay together, or at least have a lot more energy to put into the relationship! If your partner is an Aries in lockdown, keep them occupied with regular sports, walks, outdoor games and early morning coffees.  

Taurus – stay cosy Taurus in lockdown will enjoy cosy dates curled up on the couch together, but your Taurus can get a little too much into cosy mode. Boost their spirits by making it special too! Get dressed up indoors, order a special takeout or rent a new movie to keep the mood exciting and fresh.  

Gemini – stay entertained Geminis in lockdown need to stay stimulated and can get bored very fast so ensure your Gemini stays entertained with board games, deep conversation and maybe even starting a new hobby or online course together for shared mental stimulation.  

Cancer – stay well-fed A well-fed Cancer in lockdown is a happy Cancer so to ensure your love stays happy, keep the good food coming! Cooking together is a double plus to add romance to an otherwise average quarantine evening.  

Leo – stay fabulous Quarantine can be hell for a Leo who loves to strut their stuff outside so put on your best clothes and have a party inside! Just the two of you makes it even more fun, fancy dress, speed dating or other fun themes can add a ton of laughter!  

Virgo – stay organised Virgos thrive on routine and quarantine can send them a little loopy trying to stay organized and productive. Spend some time talking through their thoughts with them so they feel more light-hearted. Even enquiring “how are you today” can open up a door of connection.  

Libra – stay flirty Don’t let the romance fizzle if you’re in lockdown with a Libra! Even if you live together and do unsexy things like laundry together, try and add some passion like leaving love notes around the house for maximum thrill.  

Scorpio – stay connected The worst thing you can do to a Scorpio is shut them out, so take time to really deeply connect with each other regularly throughout lockdown. Interview each other over candlelight, search questions online to ask each other – you might even learn something new!  

Sagittarius – stay autonomous Sagittarius don’t enjoy feeling restricted so if your partner is a Sag, give them lots of space in quarantine, they’ll come back to you with double the affection if you do! Set them free, focus on you, they’ll come bounding back.  

Capricorn – stay present A Capricorn in lockdown is still on the ball, still doing all their chores and working on projects and they would be impressed for you to do the same! Get stuck into something that you love – learning a new hobby or creating something and watch your Cap smile!  

Aquarius – stay light-hearted Your Aquarius in quarantine wants to keep things light and fun so tell them jokes, play pranks and watch some comedy together to get them feeling great and falling for you all over again.  

Pisces – stay aware A Pisces in quarantine can spend a lot of time in their own heads and so if you don’t make the effort to engage, the moment can slip by and they might feel hurt. Take conscious effort to pay attention to them with hugs, compliments and good chats.  

How is your love in lockdown? 

Ellie Rose xxx  

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