How to know if you have experienced past lives

There is a widespread belief that souls travel through lives and cycles, where, instead of being lost at the end of a life, they are instead placed into a new body. This belief in reincarnation is popular across many religions, but recently people have been looking more deeply into the idea of past life regressions, what we can remember from our previous lives and how it affects the current life we lead.

There are many indicators that we have memories from past lives and most of them are easily overlooked. It is easy to delve back into your own past lives through meditation or a psychic reading.


Birth Marks


Birth mark on shoulder


The most well-known sign of a previous life and most easily understood are those of birth marks. It is a long held belief that birthmarks are hints towards how your last life ended, especially if the death was violent or tragic. There is also a belief that the signs of a death get smaller as time passes, meaning you can calculate when in your soul’s cycle, this death occurred. There is an enormous amount of cases for the corroboration of the birth mark on a young child, with the post mortem of the death of the person they believe to have been their past life. For example an Indian boy named Maha Ram remembered being shot and killed in a previous life. He remembered enough details that the records of the murder in question could be found, including the post mortem. It was then confirmed that the birth marks on his chest matched the wounds on the bodies.  This was investigated by Dr. Ian Stevenson along with other cases of children with past lives and birth marks.

There are also cases of people being born and growing up with birthmarks and remembering significant details about previous lives. After certain pieces of information are remembered the birth mark is known to fade as do the memories of previous lives.

It is common practice for religions that accept and celebrate reincarnation, to mark ones due to die with ash or paste. These distinctive marks are used to identify loved ones in the next life as they should be seen as birthmarks.



Submerged person


Phobias are much harder to associate with past lives as there is often reasons for our current subconscious to fear or resist something. Phobias rarely distinguish themselves in children, who are the most reliable source of past lives due to their lack of contact and interest with anything beyond their immediate sphere (such as news on unusual deaths) and their lack of personal memories that could be confused with memories of past lives. That said there is often evidence of people having incapacitating phobias with little to no reasoning, having had no prior trauma in this area in their current life. Those who were drowned may suffer from hydrophobia in their next life, people who were assassinated may fear people standing behind them. Understanding Karmic Complexes is a book written by Patricia Walsh with over fifty examples of past life regressions and she says “beside the repetitive nature of trauma, the thoughts, feelings and attitudes we have formed also dictate how our future is created from the present and the past. It would seem the circumstances of our past lives are less important to the soul than the attitudes we formed because of them.”



Paris Skyline


It is hard to pinpoint the source of people’s preferences as many partialities can be explained away by children being exposed to many sources and influences, however some such penchants are too strong to be anything but an indicator of a previous life. These are often in the form of sensory stimulus, a child may have a fondness for a cuisine they would never have previously come across and they then become obsessed by, a person could find a cultural music soothing that is far outside their own sphere. People may also become attached to a different culture for no apparent reason, such as an anglophile being part of a family that has no connection or interest in the UK.

The opposite is also true, with people being adverse to normal instances within their own culture. There are records of young children refusing beef on religious grounds despite their own faith condoning the consumption of it. They may also shun religious rites or customs in favour of the faith of their previous life.




Playing the violin


Often people will have an affinity or ability that cannot be explained. This may be due to having little exposure to that area (such as a talent in a musical instrument that is not widely known or popular in their culture) or something unknown to their family or against their beliefs. This is thought to be associated with past lives where they may have been exposed to opportunities, allowing them to nurture a skill that has continued to their next life or at least be a common place talent in that time and culture. The most conclusive evidence for this is language. There have been cases of people incapable of speaking any language beyond their native tongue, and after an experience under hypnotism or meditation, they speak fluently and exactingly in the language of their former life. Known as xenoglossy, this experience has baffled many translators who have been working with those unlocking the past lives of others.

The most famous cases of xenoglossy is that of Uttar Huddar, who at the age of 32 was remembering a past life of a Bengali woman named Sharada. While encountering Sharada’s memories, she was able to recall exact locations and relationships of her previous family in 19th century Bengal, some of which are now located in modern day Bangladesh, All of these memories had to be recounted through translators as Sharada only spoke Bengali and her family (and herself) only spoke Marathi. Another example is that of Peter Teekamp who unconsciously replicated the art of Paul Gauguin at an early age with no prior knowledge.


Déjà vu and recurring dreams


fear of nightmares and recurring dreams


Many people discount déjà vu as an overstimulated brain, believing people can be confused by the stress of modern day society enough to duplicate experiences by accident. Others believe it is a sign of significant events in your previous life that you feel a particularly strong emotional response to. In the vaguest of terms, people experience a sense of home coming when they enter certain cities, perhaps they experienced positive memories or lived there for a time in their previous lives. Others feel a negativity or trauma in certain geographical locations, complaining of panic attacks, pains or increased anxiety until they leave the town or city in question. Kate Rose from the Elephant Journal believes her Deja Vu is due to past lives “I have had many occurrences of déjà vu. I can still remember going to certain places that knew I had been before—I knew my way around and I knew of secret roads and paths that I had no logical way of knowing. Now, I am coming to believe that it is because I truly was there before—and I have lived a previous life. I don’t know what my ultimate destiny is—but something tells me I am getting closer to it. The one thing that I am becoming more certain of, is that I have walked this Earth previously.”

The root of recurring dreams, if not associated with your present life, is often the biggest fear or cause of death in your past life. These are often overcome with exploration into your previous life as you embrace and move on from the trauma you have carried through the soul cycles.

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