Why Do You Keep Outgrowing Your Friends?

There is a famous quote by motivational speaker and business philosopher Jim Rohn that reminds us all that we are “the average of the five people we spend the most time with”. If you’re hanging out with loving, supportive, loyal and trustworthy friends who have your back, and also happen to be on your wavelength, you’re in good company. For most people however, those types of people don’t appear in your life until you have ditched the friends that you have outgrown.

When it comes to friendships and relationships, we are greatly influenced by those closest to us. The people that you have around you can affect your self-esteem, your thinking and decisions, and how you view the world. If you have become aware that you no longer feel the way that you once used to, about the friends that you spend your time with, you have awakened to the spiritual truth that we all have to evolve. This usually means that it’s time to say goodbye.

Identifying Factors

There are many reasons why you no longer get a buzz from socialising with certain people. If you are honest with yourself, you can probably instantly identify 2 or 3 people that you would have no problem crossing off your Christmas and party invitation guest list. The most likely candidates are:

– Friends you have known since you were in primary or secondary school (this mostly applies to anyone over 40!)

-The bubbly friend who never stops talking but has nothing to say

-The negative friend who brings your mood down

-The serial complainer who loves to pick faults and moan about everything

-The party animal

Why You Are Growing Apart

As someone who is spiritually open, or already making steady progress on your path to spiritual awakening, you are shedding aspects of the person that you once were, every day. You are no longer the person who met your friends for the first time. Whilst it is possible to have some friendships that grow with you and last a lifetime, it is rare for that to happen.

You are growing and evolving every day. But unfortunately the people that you no longer feel completely comfortable with are not doing the same. You can easily identify these people by paying attention to how you feel when you think about them, or spend time in their company. It’s perfectly ok to admit that it is time to move on without them.

You Are On A Different Journey

Life is all about experiences – the good and the bad. As you begin to tap into your spiritual self you will start to shift your perceptive. You will also come to the realise that the reason, season, lifetime connections exist for a purpose.

Oftentimes, we hang on to friendships that no longer serve us because we want to have someone to hang out with on a Friday night. Unfortunately, doing this simply prolongs the inevitable. On your journey there are specific people and experiences that are important for your soul’s growth. There are also people and experiences that you must learn from before moving on. When it’s time to leave someone behind you are moving towards soul expansion, and the people and experiences that are will enhance your happiness and life.

Let go of the friends you have outgrown so that you have space in your life for new people. Don’t feel bad or sad about the inevitable. By cutting ties, you are also helping your old friends to move forward in their lives.

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