The Importance Of Self Love

Posted on 3rd June 2016

There are many misconceptions, and plenty of misinformation out there, about what Self Love is. Some people believe it’s all about being nice to yourself and treating yourself to whatever takes your fancy. Other people consider Self Love to be a selfish act. Self Love is simply the TLC you must give yourself before you can give and receive love from others.

People Pleaser. It is unfortunate that many people are needy, insecure, and completely out of touch with who they are, particularly when it comes to relationships with other people. Women in particular, have a habit of losing their identity in a love relationship. It is almost like, the second they hook someone they relinquish all self-respect and control of themselves. This comes from a feeling of being incomplete, and usually results in sacrificing behaviour, loss of self-respect and a lack of self-worth that has nothing to do with love. Pleasing others, because you think that is what love is, often means that you become miserable and feel disrespected. Someone who practices Self Love knows how to balance give and take in a love relationship, so that the emotional, physical and mental needs of both partners are easily met.

Self Love Facts

  • Love comes from within
  • Self Love means You choose how you want to feel
  • You will never be fully satisfied if you expect love to come from someone else
  • If I don’t truly love yourself, why would anyone else love you?
  • How you treat yourself shows others how you expect to be treated

How Does Self Love Feel?

When you practice Self Love it impacts on all aspects of your life. You begin to prioritise the things that hold meaning for you. This often includes saying “no" when you would have previously said “yes" just to please other people. Self Love does not allow you to spend time with people who do not support, nurture, encourage, and motivate you to be the best version of you. When you truly love yourself you fully own your thoughts and opinions and no one can manipulate or control you. Self Love is gentle, kind and sweet, and forgiving and accepting of all aspects of yourself. It encourages you to nourish your mind, body and spirit and to explore new things that you have always wanted to experience. Self Love is like having a new best friend who wants you to be happy.

How Self Love Impacts On Love. When you practice Self Love you fall in love with yourself and with life. This beautiful transformation impacts on your relationships with other people, the work that you do, the experiences that you have and all of the good things that you attract with ease. You begin to see how great your life is, and this creates more and more positivity and abundance. Your new love vibe is magnetic to others because you emanate confidence, happiness, joy, peace and positivity. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that? This self loving feeling makes you feel complete and ready to share your love with others. True love is something that happens when two whole people come together and share all that they have. 

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