How You Can Save the World in Aquarius Season

Posted on 22nd July 2020
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Aquarius Season is upon us already and we're having our attention turned to bigger issues, like other people, politics and the state of the Earth. Instead of Capricorn Season's focus on our work and money issues, we're starting to realise that there's so much more going on outside of our own homes - at times a scary amount! Our compassion is activated and we want to help save the world (and each other!).

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So, What Can We Do?


With Mercury moving into Aquarius first on January 16th, we're communicating our opinions loud and clear. People are taking to social media and telling it how it is. With so much political change, environmental worries and general outrage coming from the public, it can be a bit stressful looking at our news feeds at times! This is because Aquarius can breed rebellion - we want peace and we want it now! Except that Aquarius can sometimes lack sensitivity, it's not the most emotional sign, so people are often not thinking about the feelings of others.

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What Can You Do?

Instead of ranting on Facebook or just avoiding social media entirely, try and seek out official channels and message or comment to them directly. Government or media channels have the power to make change so your tweet to a local authority or news channel will have much more of an effect.

Increase Consciousness

The world is becoming more and more conscious. We care more about issues like recycling, animal cruelty and global warming than ever before. This is great news for the world, but there's more work to be done!

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In Aquarius season, we'll notice more issues that need our attention, especially when the New Moon in Aquarius on January 24th happens and we feel more connected to each other and the world around us. No doubt we'll see some causes crop up in the news, and our empathy will be higher than usual. We want to help!

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What Can You Do?

Aside from daily things like recycling, trying to avoid buying plastics (most ends up in the ocean) and cutting down on eating animal products, try and do a compassion meditation on the night of the Aquarius New Moon (Jan 24th). This is based on the Buddhist practice of "Metta" or loving kindness meditation, and if everyone does it, the effect it has on the collective conscious will be huge! Each thought vibrates through the universe, so if we all focus our minds on saving the planet and ending suffering, you bet it will do some good. Try the guided meditation below:

Practice Compassion

Mars won't enter Aquarius until long after the other personal planets, which means that while all this is going on, Mars will be in serious and hardworking Capricorn still, leaving a lot of room for caring and compassion. So until then, practicing compassion with others is a fabulous way to improve your own mood, and of course the people around you too. This could mean that you're a little more patient with other people, remembering that everyone has their own battle to fight will make you gentler on those who annoy you!

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Practicing compassion for all will vastly improve your personal relationships too. Instead of entering a debate when your opinion is different to someone else's, try and just listen. You don't have to agree, but you can learn something if you take ego out of the discussion and remember that we all see life through a different filter. Nowadays it's so easy to get triggered. With all these opinions flying around (especially on social media like we explored before!), and of course, in personal relationships we are always finding new ways to clash egos and feel hurt, it's just so easy to feel frustrated or confronted.

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But if it's something small or unimportant, just shrug it off! It benefits you most as you get to keep calm and enjoy your day. When we choose love, even for those who wrong us, we are free to move on and feel happy without the burden of upset on our shoulders.

What Can You Do?

Whenever you feel the rise of annoyance or hurt, take a deep breath or a short walk and don't make big decisions when emotions are high - this is the key to a calmer life. So, these are the themes of Aquarius season, and a little guide for how to save the world, one nice thought at a time. Which will you try first? Let us know on our social media channels below how Aquarius Season feels for you:

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Much Love Dear Stargazers! 

Ellie Rose x

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