How To Reboot Your Chakras With Crystals

Posted on 9th January 2016

Blocked chakras can create a multitude of emotional and physical problems that makes life more challenging. Rebooting your chakras, from time to time, restores the harmony of the entire chakra system and releases blockages. This action frees up your powerful spiritual energy.

What Are Chakras? The chakra system is responsible for controlling the frequency of your energy. Each of the individual chakras corresponds to areas of the body and they are associated with emotions and psychological and spiritual states. The seven chakras, or energy centres, govern the spiritual power in your body. Restoring your natural spiritual energy ‘frequency’ allows Universal abundance to flow with ease. 

What You Need, to reboot your chakras you will need eight crystals. Choose crystals that correspond in colour to the associated chakra. You will also need to select a tourmaline crystal to help with grounding. Choose any colour tourmaline that appeals to you.

  • Crown Chakra – Clear quartz crystal
  • Brow or Third-Eye Chakra: Deep blue or indigo crystal
  • Throat Chakra: Turquoise or light blue crystal
  • Heart Chakra: Green crystal
  • Solar Plexis Chakra: Yellow crystal
  • Sacral Chakra: Orange or amber crystal
  • Root Chakra: Red or black crystal

How To Reboot: Find a quiet place so that you are not disturbed during your rebooting session. You can light incense or candles to create a relaxing ambience, or play soothing and relaxing music. Lie down and place the crystals next to you. Start by placing the clear quartz crystal just above the top of your head, and the tourmaline crystal between your feet. Next, place the deep blue crystal on your brow. Continue placing each of the crystals on the corresponding chakras until you reach the root chakra. Place the red or black crystal between your legs. Close your eyes and visualise your life force energy flowing from the base chakra to the crystal positioned above the crown chakra. Visualise the energy re-entering the crown and flowing back downwards, towards the base chakra. Focus on each chakra to identify any resistance or blocks. This can feel like a blocked drain. If you discover a blocked chakra visualise your energy washing over the chakra. See the ‘wash’ as a colour that matches the crystal that is positioned on your chakra. You may need to repeat the ‘washing’ process a few times before you feel the release and the chakra begins spinning freely. Finish by flushing your entire energy system with the colour before letting it flow out through the Crown. You can reboot whenever you notice that your energy feels dull or stagnant. Keeping your chakras cleansed and rebalanced will have a positive effect on your day-to-day life and experiences.

Crystal Cleaning. After you have finished rebooting your chakras make sure that you clean your crystals correctly, to remove all negative energy that has been picked up and absorbed. Gently wash the crystals in a bowl of water and sea salt. You can also leave the crystals outside so that they are cleansed by the energy of the Moon. This cleansing method is most effective during a full Moon.    

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