How to Read Your Own Birth Chart: Planets

Posted on 1st August 2021

Have you ever wondered how to read your own birth chart? Well the planets are the perfect place to start! Here you'll find an intro to the meanings of each planet in your birth chart, so you can start to read your own and connect with your higher self through astrology. 

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The Sun 

The Sun in your birth chart represents your Self with a capital S. It's who you are at your innermost core. Your consciousness. When you think of "me", that's your Sun. It is masculine, ego, father, purpose. Some astrologers say the sun is your soul. It's your energy, your fire, what lights you up, what makes you YOU. 

The Moon 

The Moon in your birth chart represents your unconscious, the "you" that rules from below. It is your emotions, your memory, your past and your intuition. It is feminine, sensitivity, mother, the unknown. When you have a gut instinct or a feeling, that's your Moon. 


Mercury in your birth chart is how you think and communicate. The sign it is in shows how you do these things. Are you a deep thinker or do you love chitchat? Do you flit from task to task or focus in? Mercury is the way you speak, listen, understand, process and debate. It is planning, considering, analysing, connecting, learning. 


Venus in your birth chart represents your relationships and values. How do you form relationships with others? What kind of person are you attracted to? How are you in a relationship? It is love, romance, self-worth. It's your aesthetic, what you find beautiful, what inspires and entices you. 


Mars in your birth chart is how you are motivated to DO something. It is the fire that gets under your feet, your passion, your libido, your anger, the way you take action. Mars is masculine, it is the warrior archetype, it's what excites you and what you will fight for if you need to. 


Jupiter in your birth chart represents expansion, luck, faith. This means that wherever you find Jupiter you tend to grow, learn and even teach those lessons in life. Jupiter is very spiritual and represents our highest self, our inner guru – where are you reaching towards? What wisdom will carry you there? 


Saturn in your birth chart represents restriction, responsibility, repercussions. It is your greatest teacher, and your karma. Wherever you have Saturn is where you experience challenges that force you to grow up and get real. It holds you accountable and enforces boundaries that you must embody then overcome if you are to realise your deepest lessons and release the bonds of your past. 

So that's all 7 of the traditional planets in astrology! Stay tuned for the next part of "how to read your own birth chart" – the outer planets! 

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Much love, 

Ellie xx 

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