How To Heal A Broken Heart

Posted on 9th February 2016

Most people experience the pain of heartbreak at some point in their life. Without a first-hand understanding of heartache, heartbreak and healing you cannot fully understand what love is. Rejection, loss and sadness are all part of your soul’s journey and growth, and are as important as the more pleasurable aspects of love. Healing a broken heart takes time and requires patience, compassion and love for yourself.

Healing a Broken Heart

Practice Acceptance

No-one who has the capacity to love another person is immune from experiencing potential heartbreak. When your heart is broken it is given an opportunity to heal and expand into a heart that is able to give and receive love unconditionally. Unfortunately, this sometimes means that you may have to experience a number of failed relationships before you are able to heal your heart completely. The heart is a muscle after all – the more it is stretched and torn, the more it is able to strengthen and expand. Avoid resisting feeling the pain of heartbreak. What you resist has a tendency to persist, so give yourself the freedom to feel the emotions so that they can be released with ease. When you experience heartbreak it is important to accept that your judgment will be clouded for a while. Take time accepting all aspects of the healing process. Jumping straight into another relationship, as a means of mending your broken heart, will only result in even more pain that you will have to heal. Practice acceptance of yourself and your needs.

Let Go Of Guilt. After loss it is natural to experience pangs of guilt and blame. Let go of the need to punish yourself or to blame others for your emotional suffering. Although it is difficult, try to focus your awareness on freeing yourself from overwhelming feelings. Be gentle with yourself and allow the healing process to continue.

Tune Into Your Intuition. Your Higher Self, and the spiritual realm, is always on hand to give you the guidance that is most beneficial to you. To access this invaluable information you must tune into your intuition. Meditate to connect with your Higher Self, and trust the insight that you receive. This may come as a sense of ‘knowing’, or gut instinct that feels like a nudge in the right direction. The more you trust your intuition the more answers you will receive.

Consult The Tarot. Grief is sometimes so overwhelming that you lose the ability to think straight. If your heart is hurting and you need to soothe the pain, spiritual and psychic guidance may be what you need. An experienced psychic or spiritual reader will use the tarot cards to link in with your soul and Higher Self. If your heart pain is associated with the passing of a loved one, a psychic medium may be able to connect to this person in the spiritual realm. Psychic and spiritual support can be hugely healing at this time in your life, so give us a call, we are here to help you.

Start Afresh. Give yourself all the time that you need. Gradually, day-by-day, you will find that your heart hurts a little less than the day before. Starting afresh, after heartbreak, is different for everyone, so go easy on yourself and don’t apply any pressure. When you’re ready you will begin to take more interest in life again. In the meantime, do whatever makes your heart feel good. Listen to music, read a good book, paint, dance, go for long walks… This is a new beginning, so experience it to the fullest.    


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