How To Find Your Tribe

Not everyone goes through life having a sense of belonging. Some people have to experience a more solitary existence, before they are able to find their tribe. If you are conscious of your spiritual path, it’s highly probable that you long to connect with people who share your vibrational frequency and outlook on life.

What Is A Tribe?

Your tribe consists of soul mates and like-minded people who are perfectly aligned with your vibe. Through your unique experiences in life you will learn about the pain that is associated with separation, so that you fully embrace spiritual Oneness.

Your tribe helps you navigate your highest path for your soul’s growth and expansion. When you are ready to connect with your tribe, the Universe will orchestrate situations and opportunities so that you can find the people that will enhance your experience of life. These people are like you, and you will feel deeply loved and accepted by them.

How To Call In Your Tribe

If you desire to be part of a tribe, there are a number of proactive ways in which you can attract the right people into your life.

  1. Setting Clear Intentions

When you’re ready, it’s important to be discerning and to set clear intentions. The people you want to attract represent quality relationships, and not fair-weather friendships that you may have experienced in the past. Let go of any doubts and ask the Universe to align you with the people who make up your spiritual tribe.

  1. Trusting Your Inner Wisdom

Regular meditation will help you fine tune your spiritual connection with the Divine and your Higher Self. Your intuition will then help guide you to the ideal situations, where you can potentially connect with members of your tribe. Engage in activities that you enjoy and be open to meeting new people. What may initially seem like a chance encounter with a like-minded person, has actually been perfectly aligned in Divine timing.

  1. Setting Healthy Boundaries

Before you meet new people it’s important to set healthy boundaries to avoid having your energy drained. Whether you’re a sensitive soul or a healer or light-worker you will naturally attract people who are drawn to your light and bright energy. Set your boundaries, but keep your heart open.

  1. Taking Positive Action

When you feel the impulse to connect to someone, you must take positive action. Social media channels offer an easy way to connect to like-minded people all over the world. Your tribe could be located in close proximity, but also spread out across the entire globe. Start or join a group, add a comment to a message board or forum, and generally take steps to expand your communication out there in the world. Your tribe will pick up on your vibe and will find ways to connect with you at the perfect time.


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