Healing Crystals For Cancerians

Posted on 17th July 2015

There are a few healing crystals that are perfect for Cancerians. As the zodiac element that is associated with water, Cancer the crab is the astrological sign for June 21 to July 22. When choosing birthstone crystals for healing you can take your pick from June’s Pearl and Moonstone or July’s Ruby. As with all astrological signs there are a number of crystals that resonate with the characteristics of this birth sign. Other effective healing crystals for Cancerians include: Calcite, clear Quartz, Carnelian, Opal and Chalcedony.

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 How To Choose A Cancerian Crystal. When choosing a healing crystal for yourself or a Cancerian friend or family member it is useful to consider the astrological sign’s personality traits. On the positive side Cancerians are: Trustworthy Passionate Loving Realistic Homely Secure Stable Their negative personality traits make them over emotional and highly sensitive. Before selecting a crystal to heal imbalance it is important to understand the healing properties of the many beautiful crystals that you can choose from. The crystals that are traditionally associated with the sign of Cancer – Pearl, Moonstone and Ruby – are an excellent choice, from which to build a collection of appropriate and effective healing tools. To discover your most suitable healing crystals why not have a one to one horoscope reading with one of our experts today. 

Precious Pearl. Pearl is a beautiful gemstone that is often associated with the 30th Wedding Anniversary. It is synonymous with: purity, innocence, honesty, integrity, focus, concentration, wisdom and meditation. Typical colours: white, grey and black. Chakras: third eye. Pearl is the healing crystal to choose if you want to help treat digestive disorders and problems with any of the body’s soft organs. This healing crystal can also relieve bloating. Pearl is also effective in the treatment of fertility problems and helps childbirth. As the crystal is associated with focus and concentration it can also help to minimise lively and boisterous patterns of behaviour.

Mysterious Moonstone. Eye-catching Moonstone is made of Orthoclase and Albite, which are two species from the Feldspar group of rock-forming minerals. It is synonymous with: nurturing, mothering, happiness, love, hope, good fortune, abundance, ancient wisdom, spiritual insight and new beginnings. Typical colours: cream, yellow, grey, blue, peach/pink. Chakras: third eye and solar plexus. Known as the stone of new beginnings, Moonstone is the ideal Cancerian healing crystal to choose if you want to achieve balance in emotions, whilst minimising stress. The calming properties of Moonstone aid digestive system problems, eliminates fluid retention and toxins from the body and improves conditions of the hair, skin, eyes and fleshy organs. It is also effective for conception, pregnancy, childbirth and PMS. Moonstone is an excellent crystal for male Cancerians who need help opening up emotionally. It also promotes inspiration and success in love and matters associated with business. It is the perfect crystal to give as a gift to anyone who is setting off to explore the world of travel.

Radiant Ruby. Associated with the 40th Wedding Anniversary stunning red Ruby is a highly prized crystal that is referred to as the July birthstone, and is perfect for passionate Cancerians. It is synonymous with: integrity, devotion, courage, passion, generosity, happiness, prosperity, inspiration, power and leadership. Typical colours: any shade of red from pinky-red to deep red. Chakras: base and heart chakras. Ruby’s healing properties are effective for health issues concerning the blood and infection. It stimulates the adrenal glands, kidneys and reproductive organs and treats fever and infectious disease. This healing crystal is also ideal for Cancerians who want to balance the heart and improve confidence and courage. Ruby promotes positivity, spontaneity and joy and removes negative energies.  

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