Happy Birthday Capricorn!

Posted on 6th January 2015

10th sign of the Zodiac, Cardinal Element Earth, Ruled by the Planet Saturn

Capricorn - Is this going to be the year for you. Pluto that has been dominating your sign for some years and it is finally starting to move away.  Hooray! In addition your ruling Planet Saturn has been a strong influence bringing your feelings to the surface over the past year and has required you to put a great deal of effort into your day to day life. Take heart - this is all about to change for you now and life is about to get a whole lot easier. Capricorns for the past few years have been all about work and no play – this balance is about to change swiftly for you. Your hard work is going to pay dividends. Capricorns hang on fast to your seats, because whilst the Goat is renowned for being slow and steady, and carefully plods on up the mountain to reach its goal – this year you are going to reach your goal and find yourself looking down on the rest of the world and speed is of the essence. Yes that’s right you are going to be on top of the world! 

With the Sun moving into your star sign you will feel the warmth of the sun radiating all the way through everything you do. For those single Capricorns seeking love and reconciliation, then your wait is over. The Full Moon arrives slap bang in the middle of your star sign on the 4th January. Your true love will soon be at your side. Splash out on that new hairstyle, new wardrobe because you are going to need them when you are swept off of your feet. Capricorn is the sign this year that will be surrounded by love and adventure. If you are already in a relationship then Capricorns can expect to feel more loved and surprised than you have ever felt before. Money will flow inwards this year to the Capricorn from unexpected sources. 

Capricorns are the star sign who are careful with money always having something put by for a rainy day. Capricorns do not blow their cash as a rule, but this year you can afford to be more frivolous as money will flow through you and your encouraged to spend a little bit more on indulging yourself.  Jupiter will certainly bless you on the money front in June, so have faith if money has been a little tight up till now then relax its all going to get a little bit easier for you. Career minded Capricorns will see their work propel at a crazy speed.  You will be shown the perfect way to balance your work and home life. You will see life radically alter. Promotions, pay rises and power and influence are just around the corner.  Those looking for a new career can expect to find that ideal position between the months of January –April. 

Health & Travel are also well stared for you. Expect to be feeling a lot better, if your health was not good last year expect huge improvements this year. Travel is also well starred for you and Capricorns will find themselves travelling to places they never considered before. This is the year to put yourself  first. 

Capricorns are renowned for being caretakers and giving their all to others, this year it’s about being kind to yourself and grabbing what comes your way with both hands. There are a few issues that need addressing for those Capricorns who doubt their partners and their capabilities. If you are one of those Capricorns who have found yourself struggling, why not take this opportunity of having a Psychic reading to see what the future holds for you and to ask for extra help from the Spirit world. 

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