Happy 26th Birthday Rihanna! | Pisces season begins..

Posted on 20th February 2014

Happy Birthday

Rihanna turns 26 today so let’s take a look at her zodiac. Rihanna interestingly was born on February the 20th 1988 this date shows that she was born on the Cusp of Aquarius and Pisces. So what does being born on the cusp mean? Well this means she will combine the energies of both the signs in her personality, As she was born on the cusp of sensitivity this is a very compassionate and imaginative place.  People Born on the Cusp of Aquarius and Pisces are highly original which we can definitely see with Rihanna. The Two sides to her personality do contain differing elements with the dynamic nature of the Aquarius challenged by the subjective personal nature of Pisces however successful people like Rihanna have learnt to balance both their sides equally. They can be very social, shy or a mix of both! This reflects Rihanna perfectly as in recent interviews she has stated she is an “I am a total grandma, I don’t go out anymore, but has been seen out partying in the media on more than one occasion. 

Stress relief can be found for her when she is in the company of others, but other times she may seek solitude. People more on the Cusp of  Aquarius and Pisces are known to be the most Psychic of all the zodiac, this is something that is very natural for them she may not even realise it but she will be very intuitive and surprise people with her knowledge about them. 


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