Halloween Spells and Rituals

Posted on 30th October 2013

For your apples for dunking and purchased toffee apples, take them in your hands and visualise pink light flowing into them as you say: “Charmed are these Candy Treats" Good Fortune to all those they meet. Visualise them glowing with pink light and bringing love and joy to all those that taste them. For spells to work, there must be a purpose of intent and with the spoken word with an honest heart this purpose becomes energy in it’s purest form and sends a message of hope and love to it’s receiver. This really works! Halloween is a time to remember that for the Witches of the Past and Present, it is their actual New Year, so just like our New Year we sit and reflect on the past 12 months and decide what we wish to keep in our lives and what to remove from our lives. 

This is a good time to really mediate on this, relax, light a white or yellow candle, place on a heat proof base and gently relax your body and breathing in golden light to improve your energy levels in your body and to remember to meditate on filling any dark areas in your body with light areas, in fact what you are doing is healing yourself, and giving you the power to empower yourself again. If you wish ,write a list of things or people that annoy you , then ask for help to release yourself from the people and the circumstances that you are bound to , and it will happen. Halloween is in fact the Pagan festival of Samhain, whereby the veil between the living and the dead is at it’s thinnest. 

This is a night when some people like to watch spooky movies and let their imaginations run wild but it’s true meaning is to have fun, enjoy others company and look forward to seeing departed loved ones whether in a mirror or stream , in front of your very eyes or in a dream…..Enjoy the experience and do not be frightened. Halloween is also known as All Saints day and All Souls day. It is something to be enjoyed and celebrated. Buy a pumpkin and cutting set, Have some fun, by first of all drawing out your design on thin paper and then you can trace it onto the pumpkin before you start to de-core it. Blessed Be. Nadia


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