Halloween – Prepare to Bewitch

Posted on 30th October 2014

Halloween is a magical time that is perfect for allowing the inner goddess to shine. Traditional customs date back to the early Middle Ages, when witches and witchcraft were evident and pagans celebrated the change of the seasons by honouring the wise Crone during the festival of Samhain (pronounced sow’en). Whilst you don’t have to celebrate the day before All Hallows Day (otherwise known as All Saints Day) in true authentic style, a little dressing up gets you into the spirit of the occasion and makes October 31st an annual celebration to look forward to. 

Some Enchanted Evening Bewitching is the name given to what happens when your full attention is attracted by someone or something. You can bewitch someone by beauty or charm, and when you fall in love it is often thought that two lovers have simply bewitched each other. This enchantment can feel almost like a spell has been cast as the two lovers become captivated by each other and are spellbound. The quaint and charming bewitching fantasy may sound like a fairy-tale but is not a myth or superstition. Fortune telling has been practiced for centuries and the methods of prediction and divination are numerous and varied. Fortune tellers today are regularly consulted about matters of the heart, and along with psychic readers can provide guidance on love, romance and marriage. A popular method of divination is tarot reading, which focuses on translating the meaning of a specific spread of tarot cards, and can be used to explore a particular relationship or bewitching love connection. 

Celebrate in Style Whether or not you celebrate Halloween by play-acting and dressing up in costume it is worth marking the changes of the seasons in a uniquely personal way that holds a special meaning for you. If you follow pagan tradition you may enjoy the ceremony and ritual involved in marking the seasonal occasion. If you happen to have young children, wearing a creepy mask and garish wig may be more your style. Welcome the opportunity to have fun with friends and family and to enjoy trick or treating your neighbours. Popular Halloween inspired adult costumes are Gothic witches, Day of the Dead senorita outfits, classic Morticia Addams vamp dresses, Victorian ghost bridal wear, cheeky red hot devils and superhero style capes and jumpsuits. Choose an outfit that fits your personal style best and enjoy a little drama. 

Spiritual Connection Halloween is considered to be the time when the veil between the world of the living and the dead is thin enough to penetrate. This day is an ideal time to connect with spiritual guides and angels and to be open to exploring potential and opportunity. If you already have an interest in psychic readings and tarot, Halloween offers the perfect occasion to seek answers to pressing personal questions and to see what your fortune holds. 

Whether you consult a fortune teller or psychic reader a tarot reading can provide valuable insight and guidance on anything that’s on your mind.       


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