Hosting Ideas for a quirky Halloween Party

Posted on 18th October 2017

From clairvoyant readings to spooky Halloween parties.

Contrary to what some people may think, trick or treating Halloween is not just for kids! October 31 is the annual event of the year when adults can dress up outrageously and get all spooky.

Activity Idea 1: Host a Clairvoyant Reading

If you've got a few friends that are interested in connecting with the dead, what better night to do it than Halloween. Clairvoyant readings will help you connect with significant people in your life that you have lost and can provide you with a special experience that you will remember. If you don’t want to make the expensive outlay of hiring a private clairvoyant reading for your event, why not connect with Psychic Future and get a phone reading. You can put your phone on loudspeaker and gather round as if you were conducting a séance. Our clairvoyants offer a personal experience and you can find the best one for your Halloween get together by reading reviews and profiles before you connect.  

Activity Idea 2: Contemporary Style

Decorate your home and body with creative and original designs. Take inspiration from American style Halloween, and don’t limit yourself to dressing up as a witch, ghost or zombie. Indulge in decadence and dress up as a famous celebrity, historical legend, or in a unique and unusual outfit that gets you noticed. Instead of the traditional Jack-O’Lantern pumpkins use bones, feathers, candles and other items to decorate your home. Serve up themed libations for your Halloween party guests to enjoy. Concoct a powerful and wicked brew, plus alcoholic and non-alcoholic themed cocktails. Choose a grown-up party theme – New Orleans voodoo, Zombie Apocalypse or Masked ball and create an unforgettable contemporary style Halloween night.

Activity Idea 3: Parlour Games. 

Invite some friends to join you for a spooky night of divination game playing activity. Once the highlight of any Victorian Halloween party, divination games that are aimed at predicting the future are fun and remain popular today. Tarot card readings have been historically used throughout the centuries, and are the perfect tool for a cosy and chilling supernatural night in. Determine how you will use the cards – a three-card spread is ideal – and take turns asking questions and interpreting the symbolic answers. Set up a selection of ‘alternative’ style parlour games for your party guests to try out. Psychic tools like oracle cards, runes, crystal balls, I Ching coins, dowsing rods and pendulums will intrigue and delight your friends. Don’t forget to serve up a cup of tea so that you can read the leaves!

Activity Idea 4: Themed Dinner Party

Explore the mysteries and magic of another culture by hosting a Mexican themed Day Of The Dead dinner party for friends. Forget the usual eyeball stew and gory dessert, and cook up some traditional Mexican cuisine. Make your own personalised invitations and create the perfect ambience by decorating your room with festive paper garlands and (papel picado) paper cut-outs. Don’t forget to serve up the classic spicy chocolate mole sauce! Set up an altar and place an arrangement of fresh flowers, fruits, corn, candles or incense, and traditional sugar skulls on top. Position photographs of deceased relatives in pride of place on the altar, so that you can remember and honour them throughout the authentic celebration.

Activity Idea 5: Halloween Movie Night

Who doesn’t love a scary fright night movie? For the ultimate night in choose your favourite horror movie and theme your Halloween party accordingly. Take inspiration from Scary Movie, The Shining, Psycho, The Evil Dead, The Wicker Man, Scream etc. Alternatively, you can indulge your love of this spine-chilling film genre by showing a selection of blood-curdling and haunting movies throughout the night. Match your snacks and food to the films for an added ghoulish thrill factor.

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