The Psychic Future guide to beginner's Meditation

Posted on 15th May 2014

The following is a suggested meditation guide ideal for beginners.  You may like to record yourself reading this aloud to play back, or ask a close friend to read it to you.  Alternatively, you could actively follow the meditation guide as you read it. Make sure you are in a safe, quiet place where you are unlikely to be disturbed or interrupted for the duration of the meditation.  Please note, if you feel dizzy then stop for a moment, sit if you need to and briskly clap your hands/stomp your feet/rub your hands on your legs to become re-centred! To begin your meditation, assume a position that feels natural and comfortable to you, this may be resting on a cushion on the floor, or relaxing in a chair, you may prefer to lie down on your bed using a cushion to support your head, neck and knees. Cover yourself with a blanket if you feel cold. Choose what suits you, whichever way makes you feel safe and comfortable. Take a moment to naturally wiggle and fidget as your body settles into its space.  If throughout the meditation you feel the need to scratch or sneeze, cough or clear your throat then do so, just let your body function naturally as your mind remains relaxed. When you are feeling relaxed and comfortable, close your eyes or allow your gaze to become soft and distant.  Take a few moments to experience your body within its space feel your body supported by that which is underneath you (the cushion, the bed, the chair, the pillow).  Feel your body settle, your muscles at rest. Now let your attention come to your breathing, you will probably find that your breathing  pace has naturally slowed down becoming more relaxed.  Spend a few moments enjoying the simple, effortless motion of breathing, taking a few deep breaths, and feeling the air being drawn in slowly and deeply through your nasal passages, swelling into your lungs then hold this breath for a second or two, and release your breath in a sigh, making an "Ah" sound of relief or pleasure if you like.  Feel your body relax even more with each exhale, do this for three or four inhale-exhale cycles, breathing out tension or stress, breathing in the stillness and peace around you, and then allow your breathing to return to its own natural rhythm. Bring your awareness to your feet; as you breath, take a moment to feel your toes, the ball and sole of your foot, your heel and ankle.  Send loving, appreciative energy to your feet for they carry us throughout our day, taking us where we need to be, supporting our connection to the Earth's surface. Imagine this positive energy travelling from your feet up your calf muscles to your knees, thighs and hips, feeling your muscles at rest as you relax.  Follow the energy as it gently flows up your spine, sending loving thoughts to your back for its strength in supporting our entire body, for holding us up through constant pressure. Bring your awareness to your heartbeat, and spend a few moments observing and feeling  it beating rhythmically in your chest, the steady beat of life as it pumps blood, oxygen and nutrients around our entire bodies.  Imagine healing white glowing light filling your heart, and feel this energy infiltrate into your circulation as it is pumped into your system from your heart, sending healing energy to all parts of your body. Enjoy this sensation as you relax. Feel this pure energy swirl in your chest, down through your upper arms, your elbows and forearms, flowing through your wrists and into your hands.  Observe how the energy feels in your palms and fingertips.  You may feel a light tingling sensation, or your hands becoming cooler or warmer.  This is healing, cleansing energy that comes from within you; you have the ability to manifest this energy, to use it whenever you feel the need to.  Realise this energy comes from within and around us, and you have accessed it through opening your awareness and receptivity to the natural vibrations that surround you. Feel lighter, calm, peaceful as you gently send the energy from your hands, to your wrists and up your arms; down through your spine and into your legs and feet. 

Bring your focus once again to your breathing, in your mind giving thanks to spirit and the earth for its healing energy and blessings. When your ready, open your eyes.  you may need to rub or clap your hands, or stomp your feet to help you feel grounded.  It is very beneficial to the cleansing energies of meditation to ensure you drink a glass of water after each session.  You may need to eat a biscuit or some toast to help with the grounding process if you feel a bit wobbly. Written by Tahlia


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