Full Moon in Pisces: Manifesting Magic

Posted on 6th September 2019


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On September 14th 2019, the full Moon in Pisces will occur. This is a time of deep transformational power and high magic – be careful what you wish for, it could come true at this time! Let’s dig deeper into the astrology of this Pisces Full Moon and see how we can utilise its power.

Neptunian Dream

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Magic and Dreams

The Pisces Full Moon will be conjunct its ruler, Neptune. This gives an already magical moment some extra dreamy qualities. Pay attention to any vivid dreams you may have at this time or signs from the universe, they could be prophesy! This magical combo gives us lots of extra spiritual focus, so meditation, witchcraft, divination and creative pursuits like painting, writing or crafting will take on an otherworldly air at this time (and be much more likely to work)!


However, with so much dreamlike energy going on, it can be easy to slip into fantasy land – Neptune’s strong influence can make us want to escape the “real world" in bad habits, addictions or switching off our brains to go into “zombie mode" with a heavy dose of TV. This is the wrong way to deal with Neptunian energy as it will only suck you down into the abyss and spit you back out feeling frustrated and low.


Instead, do things that are sweetly magical. We mentioned creative pursuits, witchy things and meditation, but this Pisces Full Moon is also a great time to charge your crystals, care for loved ones and pets, do some gardening, listen to uplifting music or watch an inspirational documentary or a fantasy film. This is a time of great transcendence; you can find yourself lifted up to the high heavens of your mind – if you prepare the vehicle to take you there.  

Mars Mission



With Mars conjunct the Sun, opposing the Moon and its foggy friend Neptune, we have a tug-of-war feeling between doing nothing and doing everything. For some people, this could result in some incredible ideas, creations or insights as you’ll feel motivated to transcend, bringing the results of your otherworldly endeavours into reality or being driven by some unseen force to succeed at whatever task you set. This is a great time for starting to achieve BIG dreams.

Other People

But for some it could mean feeling under pressure from other people to “do" something, whether that’s fulfil some task or “be" a certain way, you might feel as if you’re having to change who you are, change your schedule or give into other people’s wills – in other words, things aren’t going your way. The trick to making this a positive exchange rather than one of bad feelings, is to be clear in what you need too. If you can’t (or don’t want to!) do something, just tell the other person straight. It will prevent misunderstandings and stop you getting distracted from what’s really important.  

Plutonian Magic


Healthy Habits

The final planet with a big influence on this Full Moon in Pisces is Pluto, which will sit exactly between the Moon-Neptune \ Sun-Mars opposition in the position of a Sextile. This will provide us plenty of opportunities to shed bad habits and bring in magical new possibilities – giving up smoking, starting an exercise routine or planning a business will be much easier with this energy.


The power of transformation is high right now, so anything you want to change about your life will be given extra help to succeed! This includes things you want to manifest into your life, like more money, a new job or a hot date – where before you might have been resisting these things out of fear or uncertainty, now you have the power to bring them to you. Just decide what it is you need, and tell the universe clearly. With Pluto in Sextile to this Pisces Full Moon, anything you set your mind to (and start taking steps towards) will likely come to be! Magic is in the air right now – if you want something at this time, just start taking steps towards it and the universe will listen. In the meantime, enjoy the spiritual vibes and keep your head clear, the rest will just flow. 

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Much love, Ellie Rose xx      

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