Film Composer A.R. Rahman Talks About His Spirituality

The pride of Indian film composing, A.R Rahman, has spoken in a recent interview about his spirituality and what it has taught him.

The man behind the score for the James Franco starring 127 Hours, and the composer responsible for the Danny Boyle mega hit Slumdog Millionaire, is one of India’s favourite sons. His legendary work has brought joy to millions upon millions the world over and he will be bringing his set to the UAE next month.

Speaking in an interview with the Khaleej Times, a UAE news site, A.R. Rahman touched on a number of topics, from his tireless work ethic and his collaboration with Coldplay. But what really draws attention are his comments on spirituality and how it affects him as a man and as a performer.

Rahman described in the piece how he allows his fervent spirituality to manifest itself in every aspect of life.

“As an artist, I cannot run away from the reality of chaos. But in my mind, I can go to places, which are not here. The training of spirituality has taught me to get away from the chaos and the hatred. It allows me to separate myself from the negative energy and go to something that is beautiful and reflect that in my music so people can enjoy”.

This is an important message. Spiritual training, such as what Mr Rahman has undergone, allows you to separate from the world’s negative energies and focus on what matters, allowing you to be the person you need to be.

This outlook on life obviously has helped Rahman to get to the position that he is in life, letting him express himself through his music in ways that he may not have been able to otherwise.

It’s quite amazing the changes one can undergo, and what we can be capable of through simply connecting with this ethereal aspect of our lives. Whether that be through training, meditation or spiritual readings.

The music of A.R. Rahman has always been inspiring, and knowing how much he is influenced by this aspect of his personality only makes his music that much more intriguing.


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