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Posted on 23rd May 2014

If you would like to increase your psychic ability then there are certain herbs that are believed to increase your psychic awareness. Herbal remedies could be the answer and there are a variation of effects that contribute to enhance spiritual awareness. Our connection with mother nature and the earth’s energy has some sacred powers far beyond our range of knowledge. It all depends on how you would like to use them to benefit yourself. Working to learn what works best for you is a good way to navigate your own abilities and lets you see what qualities you take away from certain items and what makes you feel the strongest. We often talk about energy that is emitted from crystals and gems and so it would make sense that the herbs rooted in mother nature should also have spiritual powers.  

In this article I have taken a few herbs and put them under the spotlight and I have included a list of herbs that you may like to include in your cooking that could be an important nutrient in terms of psychic awareness. There are lots of different ways to enhance your psychic level. The use of food and herbs is a great way to incorporate them into your day and to boost your psychic abilities.  You can use these herbs in your meals or burn them during meditation or mix them to make tonics and pastes. Just imagine if you could grow your own herbs and how this could improve your life in so many ways and could even draw luck to your life.   

You could introduce these herbs quite easily and subtly to your daily cooking and there are so many herbs that are relevant. As a flavour the bay leaf is commonly used in cooking and is said to stimulate psychic powers and lemon could be good for those who need to improve their concentration and increase psychic ability. The anise plant is well known to be a psychic booster, using the plant can help to deepen mediation and it has the ability when brought with you to slumber to help keep away nightmares. Bay leaves are believed to bring about a stronger psychic connection, and increase ones powers. Bay leaves are also a protection herb and used in many ways for protective purposes. Buchu leaves are known to help develop your psychic abilities, and celery is also another great booster because it helps you focus and see things more clearly. Lemon grass is another good aid for your abilities and mint is great to help you with studying and in matters that need your abilities. As you can see there are a lot of herbs you can use in your everyday like. Adding things like celery, lemon grass, honeysuckle, bay leaves, and mint to meals can help strengthen your psychic abilities they all are aids to promoting higher psychic powers. You can make a salad, or add some of these into a morning smoothie, as a great get up and go to help boost yourself every morning. There are lots more herbs and foods you can use to increase your psychic abilities, these are just the tip of the iceberg.


Herbal Teas, these teas are often taken in the tea bag and you leave the bag in for some time or the whole time while you drink it.  There are many relaxing qualities that these teas can have and some are specific to enhance your psychic ability. To get the full benefit of these teas they are best taken at a quiet time when you can really relax and appreciate the energies. You may find that after drinking these teas for some time that you start having dreams that you can remember.  It will certainly impact to help you to advance your psychic awareness. These teas could take some time to get used to if you are not used to the flavours and some of them can taste really great. You do not need to put milk in the tea it should be taken in its natural format. Certain teas that specifically enhance your intuition are as follows, Peppermint this is a favourite and people often use this to aid the digestive system, it has the ability to heighten psychic sensitivity. Star Anise tea is great especially, if you have a cluttered mind and need to think straight and more clearly, as it can open the mind on a new vibrational level. Lemongrass is a good tea, to use to advance you psychic ability and sharpens your intuition. 

A useful tip, if you do buy any tea and have it in the tea leaf form rather than in a tea bag you could have a go at reading the tea leaves.  You do this by drinking every drop that you can up and then look at the formation of the tea leaves at the bottom of the cup. You gaze in to the cup and you go with your first thoughts and before you know it you are doing an old fashioned method of psychic reading.  These readings can be very powerful and accurate so take care with those who you impart the information to. It is important that you make sure that any of the teas that you drink will not contradict your health in any way. They all seem to be quite harmless, however, if you have a stomach problem then maybe some will not be suitable. I would suggest that you contact your doctor and check it out first. 

Here is a list of a few herbs, that could be used in various ways to enhance psychic powers: 

Vanilla – enhances and benefits psychic ability 

Rose – lifts your psychic energy 

Sage – brings strength to your energy 

Celery – has a deep effect on your psychic ability increasing focus and concentration 

Cinnamon – said to bring success, power,  protection and mental focus with healing energies. 

Fennel – Psychic protection, healing and purification. 

There are many more than I have on this list and you could experiment with them for some time before you find the one that most closely suits your needs.



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