Fate Vs Destiny

Posted on 23rd September 2016

Fate and destiny are two words that are often misused and confused. Fate is generally viewed as events that are predetermined to happen and that are controlled by a supernatural power, or Source. Destiny, on the other hand, is a combination of good (and bad) fortune, serendipity, kismet and your wilful actions. Many people believe that we have complete control of our lives, and that our choices determine what happen to us. The spiritual reality is that fate and destiny play a big part in how your life and experiences unfold. Fate and destiny create the course that your life takes, and karma also influences this path.

How Fate Impacts On Your Life.

Your fate is decided by a complex combination of conditions and factors that are mostly decided at the time of your birth. These factors play out during the course of your life and shape the spiritual path that you are on. Karma, family environment, social climate, the influence of other people and our own self-discipline and efforts, are all key factors that should be taken into account when considering how fate and destiny is playing out in your life. Whilst some aspects predetermine events, there is still some room for wilful action. Before every incarnation we draw up a soul plan for our spiritual training and evolution, and agree to be born into a life that includes predetermined factors – like our gender, parents, environment and social climate. The moment we are born, we forget the plan that we draw up before reincarnation and it is our destiny to discover our unique greatness.

What Is Destiny?

Many people say things like, “This is my destiny" or “I know that I’m destined for great things" Destiny is a sense of knowing that allows you to make choices that influence your progression along your spiritual path. Destiny is a part of who you are, who you are meant to truly be, and what you are here to do. If fate is the motorway of your life, destiny is the series of roads, paths, roundabouts and forks in the road that lie up ahead. Whatever detours you choose to make will always bring you to the pre-life agreed destination.

Coming To Terms With Fate And Destiny.

No matter what your soul’s plan is we all have a destiny to explore. Your life choices and experiences will lead you in a direction where you make a ripple or a giant splash in life. Your soul is always guiding the way so that you can begin to remember the plan that you agreed to before birth. By trusting in your destiny you will become open to exploring your spirituality, and understanding what fate has in store for you. When life gets tough, fate can sometimes be seen as a challenge to overcome. Understanding that life events and circumstances, no matter how challenging, are simply clues you must follow in order to identify your true spiritual identity will help you come to terms with your soul’s plan and destiny. 

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