The Facts About Karmic Relationships

Posted on 30th July 2016

Like a soul mate or twin flame connection, a karmic relationship is a unique experience that comes with its own set of challenges to overcome. Karmic relationships are often about love, but not of the romantic true love kind. The karma shared between the people involved in this type of relationship involves a greater understanding of all aspects of love.

What Is A Karmic Relationship?

If you have ever experienced one of those instant connections where you feel like you’ve known one another for a long time, chances are you have encountered a karmic relationship. Everyone on your spiritual path comes in to teach you a valuable life lesson. This could be a good or bad experience, and it could also be related to a previous soul journey. Due to the intensity of the connection it is not uncommon for people to think that their karmic connection is a soul mate relationship. However, it is easy to spot the difference. A soul mate is a well-matched partner that walks a life path with you. This could be a lover or a true friend. This relationship is a peaceful, beautiful experience that includes mutual love, respect and space to grow. A karmic relationship brings up something within ourselves that needs attention, forgiveness and healing, for spiritual growth. This type of relationship usually invokes deep or heavy emotions and feels like a rollercoaster ride. You are also likely to become bewitched by someone who mistreats and controls you.

Typical Karmic Relationship Traits

  • There is an instant sense of familiarity
  • An intense attraction - this can be positive or negative
  • You experience a deep emotional, physical and spiritual connection
  • This person becomes the main focus point in your life
  • The connection is usually fast, reckless and/or unexplainable
  • The relationship is intoxicating or addictive
  • You ignore your instincts and act outside of your moral compass
  • You push each other’s buttons

 A karmic relationship is meant to teach you something, to aid your spiritual growth. Unless you learn the lessons that this connection brings to you, the karmic relationship will continue to become more challenging and difficult.

Soul Recognition.

When you meet someone you have a karmic connection with your soul will experience instant recognition. It’s like you have been waiting for this person to show up so that you can learn the lesson and move forward in your life. Something profound happens and your soul begins to prepare you for spiritual growth. It is important to accept that you are in a karmic relationship. Try not to mistake the intense feelings you’re experiencing for love. Your life changing experience can only occur once you are able to identify the connection as karmic. Until then you are likely to fall under the other person’s spell.

Breaking Patterns.

Once you identify the karmic relationship you will be able to assert yourself and take charge of the situation. The burden of this connection will slowly start to lift. It can be difficult to walk away from someone that you feel so intensely connected to, but you must break the pattern and cycle of karma in order to learn valuable life lessons. Communicating your needs, sticking up for yourself, and forgiving yourself, will help to cut those binding karmic ties. Pay close attention to what is going on in your life, so that you can identify the karmic drain that this relationship is causing. Are you losing energy, money, friends or time? Is your emotional, mental or physical health suffering? Meditate on clearing and cutting the karmic ties between you, to stop the energy drain. Once you have learned the karmic lesson you will know that you will never have to repeat that cycle of karma again.   

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