Everything you need to know about I’m a celebrity Get me out of here 2015 Line up

This year’s line-up is probably one of the most exciting and high octane group ever put together.   Get ready for lots of clashing personalities, egos and dominant star signs squaring up to one another.

Expect the guys to clash this year more than the women.   Chris Eubank will be keen to come out fighting for supremacy the moment the bell goes, whilst Kieron Dyer will be keen to score a few goals and prove he is just as dynamic off the pitch as on it.  Duncan Bannatyne will also be keen to lead and assert his authority.  Tony Hadley will try and keep up but will find that he is no match for these dominant personalities and quickly retire to the side-lines.    Then quietly beavering away will be Brian Friedman, who is likely to throw a diva like strop or two.   This year’s group will certainly provide “a rumble in the jungle”.

The girls will seem quiet and demure in comparison.   Jorgie, Susannah & Yvette, will quickly form a firm alliance and get on with running the camp and keeping order.   Susannah & Jorgie are both strong personalities and will on the girl’s side establish rule and order.   Lady Colin Campbell is more content to be waited and this may infuriate the girls a little.

Below are our Psychic predictions for the outcome of this year’s line-up.  Our Psychic has rated the celebrity’s chances out of 10, Find out who we think could be the winner  and take this year’s crown.


Susannah Constantine Birth Sign Gemini – (air)

Susannah was born on the 3rd of June, whilst Gemini is her dominant birth sign the moon also holds a huge influence over Susannah and her moods can ebb and flow with the pull and gravity of the moon.   Susannah first came to prominence in the 1980s for her high octane relationship with Lord Linley.  She has never faded out of the public eye since.  She maintains a long standing friendship with Trinny Woodhall and together they have written books, and presented programmes such as “What not to Wear”.    No stranger to controversy and publicity, Susannah always comes back bigger and stronger than before.

How will Susannah fare in the Jungle?  Susannah likes to think big and outside the box.   She is a good all-rounder, a shoulder to cry on and will be a good team player.   On the downside, she is already missing her family and feeling the strain, she is also terribly afraid of heights and not good under pressure.  Will do well at the Bush Tucker Trials and will go all out to win the converted meals for the team.      She will last a lot longer than the others, but chances of winning.

Chances of taking the crown:  6/10


Chris Eubanks – Birth sign Leo – (fire)

Chris was born on the 8th August and epitomises every aspect of the Leo personality.   Leo’s love the spotlight and the showmanship, they never miss a chance to entertain and lead.   Leo’s have a very witty sense of humour and an extremely positive outlook and an inner self belief that never waivers.

How will Chris Eubanks fare in the jungle?  Expect fireworks and Chris to pull no punches from the outset.  Expect him to clash with Duncan Bannatyne and these two hot heads to square up from time to time as they both battle for leadership.    If Chris can establish leadership from the outset he will go the whole distance and take the crown, if he loses any ground and the spotlight shines away from him, expect tantrums and the possibility of him throwing in the towel.    The first few days will dictate Chris’ chances of winning.

Chances of taking the crown:  5/10


Yvette Fielding – Birth sign Libra – (air)

Yvette was born on the 23rd September, making her a Libra.   Libra’s love to see all sides of a situation and are never afraid to show their hand until they have all the facts at their disposal, which sometimes makes them appear slow and steady.   They are not ones to take risks and gambles.  However, their steady approach does ensure they reach their goals.

How will Yvette fare in the Jungle?   Expect lots of screaming and dramatics from the outset, as Yvette is scared of her own shadow, and hates spiders and creepy crawlies.   She will tend to antagonise some of the other members pretty quickly.  Will also reveal some extremely colourful secrets about herself and will shock viewers.    A thoroughly likeable person, genuine but just not slick enough to win this show, where the stakes are high and the snakes in the grass are not just the slithering type.   Expect her to exit the show pretty quickly.

Chances of taking the crown:                                   2/10



Lady Colin Campbell (Known as Georgie)- Birth sign Leo – (fire)

Lady Colin, was born on the 17th August.  The Good and Bad Fairies were definitely hovering around doing battle when Georgie came into the world.  Controversy should be her middle name!   Born with a birth defect meant Lady Colin was brought up as a boy, but later rebelled in life and underwent surgery to become a woman.   She later married Lord Colin Campbell, but the marriage was short lived.  She retains the title.   Georgie is not adverse to fighting her corner, and will stand resolute in her beliefs.  Expect many a row and rumpus when she enters into a debate with fellow camp mates.   She will unnerve the men and yet at the same time finds it hard to gel with the women.   However, the other side of the Leo personality will shine through with Georgie who will show us how loveable and deep Leo’s can be.

How will Georgie fare in the Jungle?   Will be highly controversial, and will talk a lot about her work and the Royal stories she has written.   Expect her to drop secrets and to keep the viewers on the edge of their seat, with her revelations.   Creepy Crawlies, Bush Tucker Trials and pitching in will come easy to Georgie.   Expect to see her do well in team events and to go all out to win precious meals for her team mates.   Georgie is a very likeable lady and a good all round team player.   However, once she has spilled the beans on her Royal stories the audience will grow bored with her rather quickly as she has little else to offer the viewers.   Won’t be the first to be ordered out of the camp, but certainly will not last long.  She will intrigue us though and we can expect to see more of her on our Television in the future.

Chances of taking the crown:  3/10


Jorgie Porter – Birth sign Capricorn – (earth)

Jorgie was born on Christmas day in 1988 and life has sure been one hell of a celebration to Jorgie.  With her gorgeous body and acting skills which have enabled her to take on some gritty scenes in Hollyoaks she certainly is no ditsy Blonde.   She also narrowly missed taking the crown in ITV 2012 Skating on Ice and was narrowly piped to the post.

How will Jorgie fare in the Jungle?  Guaranteed to send the temperatures soaring with her waterfall shower!  Jorgie is funny, Witty and a good all round team mate.  Will make us laugh with her antics and her attempts to create a “girl power” force within the camp.   We will see her cope with missing chocolate, family, make up and high heels, but will quickly learn to adapt.  Going to be a hit with the younger viewers,  as well as the older viewers.

Chances of winning this year’s crown  –  8/10


Tony Hadley – Birth sign Gemini – (air)

Born on the 2nd June, Tony is best known as being the Lead Singer of Spandau Ballet.    With Typical Gemini traits, One minute he is on top of the world the next he is down in the dumps.  Prone to depressive outbursts and rows which he starts but has a knack of putting the blame on the other person.  Tony has over the years become stuck in his own groove and can at times be accused of being boring and stubborn.

How will Tony fare in the Jungle.  Tony does not enjoy the whole Celebrity circus and it is a great surprise that he has decided to enter the Jungle at all.  Will fail to engage with his team mates and the viewers, and will also not do very well in the tasks.   Tony lacks drive and the inner fight to win and unless he pulls something spectacular out of the bag on day one, he can expect to find himself voted out pretty quickly.

Chances of taking the crown:   1/10


Duncan Bannatyne – Birth sign Aquarius – (air)

Born on the 2nd February Duncan is well known for his role as self-made millionaire business man in the Dragon’s Den.   He is ruled by the Air element and can adapt to any situation.   He has strong personality traits and strong beliefs and hates any kind of manipulation and will always strive to achieve a sense of fair play.    Duncan is also very good at problem solving and creating solutions and this will be a great asset to him and the team in the Jungle.

How will Duncan fare in the Jungle?  Duncan is set to do very well, but there is another side to Duncan which I predict will see him clash with Chris Eubanks from the outset.    Duncan can be very hot headed and smug at times.   He can also speak without thinking and refuses to see himself as being in the wrong and is unlikely to back down.   A good cook and cleaner and will be the first to get his hands dirty.  As long as he does not clash too hard with his team mates Duncan could take the crown this year.

Chances of taking the crown:    9/10


Kieron Dyer – Birth Sign Capricorn – (earth)

Born on the 29th December, Kieron is well respected as a top class footballer.   Kieron is no stranger to sadness and he is donating his entire fee to a charity he set up in the name of his deceased brother which aims to help others face tragedy.    Kieron refuses to let anything beat him and will battle on against anything thrown at him.   Kieron is Keen to show the public another side to him, and the world of football.

How will Kieron fare in the Jungle?   Kieron is set to do very well.  Quite reserved he keeps his thoughts to himself and is good at listening.   He is deep and thoughtful.  Kieron hates spiders and snakes and will have a real problem coming face to face with them, however, he won’t let the public or his team mates see him being a wuss on the trials and will grit his teeth and get on with it.

Chances of winning the crown 7/10


Brian Friedman – Birth sign Taurus

Born on the 2nd of May, Brian is the epitome of a Taurean.  Well known for his role in helpful hopefuls make it to the finals on X-Factor.    He is known as being set in his ways and stubborn and is said to have clashed with Simon Cowell and it is believe to be the reason why he decided to leave.   Will he spill the beans?   Yes, probably so and very early on!

How will Brian fare in the Jungle.   Brian will be the one building the others up, making them believe in the impossible and helping them face the “Bush Tucker Trials”.    However, when it comes to his turn, he is fearful of everything and can be dramatic and colourful.   He will be good at the cooking, cleaning and easier tasks, but will fail at anything which requires him to meet his fears head on.   A great team mate, fun and will bring out the best in everyone.

Chances of taking the crown:  4/10


George Shelley – Birth sign – Leo

Born on the 27th July in Cleveland, George found fame in 2014 on X-Factor as a singer with Boy Band Union J.  George comes from a big family and has had to fight for his place in the spotlight.   He is extremely popular, and an all-round nice guy.   Tipped to get on very well with Jorgie and both of them could be a match made in heaven.

How will George fare in the Jungle?   George is a hot favourite to win this year.   George  is a jack of all trades and will eagerly get involved in all that is thrown at him.   He is a good listener and will be keen to jump in and volunteer.    He will sail through the Bush Tucker Trials.     I predict that he will also latch on to one of the older guys and find a “mentor & Big Brother”. The public will really warm to George and get behind him.  The only thing going against him is his age, could find it hard to compete with some of the most dominant personalities we have ever seen in the house to date.

Chances of taking the crown:  10/10

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