Easter 2019: What’s in Store Astrologically?

Posted on 20th April 2019
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  It’s Easter 2019 already, so settle down with some chocolate to nibble and let’s see what’s going on astrologically! We’ve got exciting changes, jam-packed social lives and even a bit of deep and meaningful healing to fit in this Easter Sunday, so let’s get on with it!… If you want more Easter reading material, check out “Easter and Astrology Around the World"

Sun conjunct Uranus

However, don’t expect things to be an easy ride! With the Sun conjunct Uranus, change will still be lurking around the corner – it could be a shock if you’re not prepared! Anything that hasn’t been working for you will start to crumble so that new ways can emerge. This isn’t always easy, change can be uncomfortable, especially when it involves the breakdown of circumstances that are comfy and familiar, but if we try to be flexible and adapt to new opportunities instead of stubbornly clinging to our old ways, we can enjoy exciting new experiences, people and paths.

Venus into Aries

Another planet moves into a new sign today, this time it’s Venus, the planet of love and wealth, who will be settling in Aries for the next few weeks. If you need to shake off some cobwebs from your social life or get some much-needed one-on-one time with someone, now is the time! Venus in Aries is dynamic and excited about life – take your partner paintballing or go see a comedy with your pals, just get out there and do something that’s a little different from your usual schedule. But don’t forget to focus on YOU too! As Venus moves into Aries, she’ll join Chiron, the Wounded Healer, who’s main job is to remind us of all the ways in which we hurt – boohoo! This can mean the odd tear or fallout with someone near and dear, but it’s usually to show you where you’re carrying excess baggage. Try and ask yourself why you feel that way, where did that feeling come from and if it’s beneficial to hold onto. Chiron can be hugely healing if you opt for self-inquiry over explosion! Luckily Mercury is there conjunct Chiron too, so you should be able to see what’s going on and, if you choose to, analyse the problem rationally so you can put down the baggage once and for all!

Saturn Opposite North Node

While this aspect will have an effect for a week or two, due to Saturn’s slow-moving transit, the exact aspect falls the day after Easter Sunday, making it particularly potent for Easter. Here we have a seriously karmic collaboration, with Papa Saturn urging us to evolve in some way. You might feel a pull in a new direction or perhaps gain insight into some longstanding problem – a “hallelujah" moment perhaps. Either way, it’s a good time to look to the future, follow signs and accept any of the lessons the universe wants to hand us – they’ll be taking us somewhere we’re truly meant to go. So, these are the main astrological themes for Easter 2019 – new beginnings, lessons, healing and luckily, a little bit of fun too! Sounds pretty exciting! Let us know on social media what you get up to for Easter! And don’t forget to check out “Easter and Astrology Around the World" for more astro holiday fun. 

Ellie Rose x  

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