Dreams And Their Meanings

Posted on 4th June 2015

Dreams are visual messages we all receive when we sleep. These messages often require some form of interpretation and can help you gain insight into your life. You can also use dreams to help you resolve fears, improve creativity and to discover the answers to many important soul searching questions.


Spiritual guidance, that can also include premonitions and spiritual connection with your deceased loved ones, is sometimes relayed through dreams. When deciphered correctly this spiritual information can help you clarify your purpose so that you can align with your path. Dreams can be hugely entertaining, frustrating, challenging and mysterious. Although some dreams appear to be fairly straightforward to interpret, sometimes you may need to delve a little deeper to uncover the true meaning of your creative visualisations. There are also some common dream themes that many people experience, and in some cases this can be repetitive.

Common Dream Interpretations 

Falling Down. If you feel yourself falling, while you are dreaming, you are possibly trying to hold on to a situation too tightly in your life. If this dream is recurring pay attention to the message and let it go.

Flying High. To feel yourself flying in your dream means you have recently liberated yourself of something that has been weighing you down. If you are soaring through the air without a care you are managing your life effectively. If you’re experiencing a little turbulence you’re still adjusting to the positive changes.

The Chase. Dreaming of being chased is one of the most vivid dreams you are likely to have and is therefore one of the most memorable and easily recalled. The interpretation implies that you are running away from facing up to a real life situation.

Being Late. Being late in your dream is drawing your attention to the fact that you may be missing out on real life opportunities.

Teeth Falling Out. Teeth are synonymous with power and confidence and if you dream your teeth are falling out it is time to stand your ground. Identify what it is that is crushing your real life confidence.

Being Unprepared. Dreaming that you are unprepared for a situation, like an exam or job interview, means you are presently at a real life crossroads and need to examine what you want.

Death And Babies. Like the Death card in the Tarot, dreaming of death symbolises the end of a situation and a positive new beginning. Dreaming of babies doesn’t necessarily mean you’re broody and is more likely to imply the birth of something new in your life.

Getting Naked. Dreaming that you are standing naked in front of a crowd is highlighting the vulnerability that you feel in life.  

How To Remember Your Dreams. Remembering your dreams requires patience and practice but is a valuable method of gaining personal insight. 

  • Keep a Dream Journal on your bedside table. 
  • On waking don’t rush to get out of bed.  Take a moment to recall your dream experience.
  • Write down every single detail you can recall from your dream. Even write down things that may seem irrelevant.
  • Play your dream backwards to help you record as much detail as possible.
  • Enjoy your interpretations!
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