Why You Should Detox Your Work Space

Cleaning, balancing and harmonising your energy, and the energy field around you, is an important chore that needs to be done thoroughly and frequently. This includes your home environment, and also your work space. Whether you work from home, or have to go to an office or other workplace, paying attention to how you manage this space can make a huge difference to your efficiency, productivity and results.

A work space detox can help you to shift negative or stagnant energy that blocks your financial gains and/or professional success. Getting your work space clear and organised can help you to reduce stress and anxiety, and boost energy, confidence and performance.

Embrace Mono-Tasking

Focusing on one thing at a time is the most efficient way to get things from a starting point to completion. Detox your way of doing things to maximise your results. Instead of multi-tasking, get into the habit of mindfully doing one thing at a time. This allows energy to flow more freely so that you can concentrate better and get more done.

Shift Your Focus

Instead of getting stressed out, shift your focus and spend some time doing something else. The more you think about a problem, the more it persists. Momentarily shifting your focus allows you to find a different perspective. You’ll also discover that the ideal solution randomly pops into your head when you stop thinking about the initial problem.

Paperwork Piles

For some people having a huge pile of paperwork on their desk makes them feel super competent and important. The paper clutter actually demonstrates blocked energy and a disorganised way of working. A tidy desk, on the other hand, is a work space that has free flowing energy. Get into the habit of dealing with pieces of paper as they land on your desk. Read, sign and file away important documents and papers, and shred or bin everything else. This also includes removing the mountains of sticky post-it notes that you write as reminders but fail to act upon.

Office Supplies

It’s expected that you’ll have a desk tidy or pen pot filled with a selection of pens and markers. Having a surplus of stationery items encourages the energy of procrastination and makes you less productive and efficient. Limit the amount of accessories that you surround yourself with. It’s also important to clear out the clutter in the top drawer where you dump any old thing.

Personal Clutter

Having one or two personal items on your desk is perfectly acceptable, particularly if you work away from home. A growing collection of framed photographs, holiday souvenirs, mascots and other sundries, affects your concentration and impacts on your energy flow. Remove the clutter to shift the vibration into a productive zone.

Detach From Toxic Work Mates

Bad working environments can negatively affect your health and wellbeing. If you have toxic work mates, who make you feel agitated, anxious or drained, limit the amount of time that you connect with them. Whilst it may not be possible to banish them from having contact with you, you can choose to avoid sharing coffee breaks, lunch, and general office banter with negative people who bring you down. Keep your vibe high by staying focused on positivity.

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