Destructive Habits That You Need To Avoid

Happiness is a state of mind and an inside job too! It’s usually the external factors that create unhappiness and disharmony. There are many habits that do little in the way of maintaining your happy vibe. These destructive habits tend to result in unhappy experiences and a compromised quality of everyday living.

Habits dictate everything, from your experiences to the results or outcomes of situations and actions. Negative patterns of behaviour quickly become destructive habits when repeated over time. These habits restrict the amount of happiness and joy that you experience. Making healthy choices, in all aspects of your life, will help you avoid forming bad habits that are best avoided.

  • Pleasing Others First

This is the Number One destructive habit that many people don’t realise that they have adopted. If you’re sensitive to the needs of others, you’ll naturally want to ensure that you do everything that you can to make them happy. It’s essential that you consider what makes you happy before you fulfill the needs of everyone else. Stop putting other people first and please yourself.

  • Negative Self-Talk

There’s nothing wrong with giving yourself a pep talk from time to time. Using negative words that undermine your confidence will do little to boost your happiness. Focus on your unique qualities and choose kind words that uplift your mood and confidence. Adopting a positive ‘can do’ attitude will also encourage you to broaden your experiences. Big yourself up, and take positive action that supports your wellbeing.

  • Living In The Past

If you choose to allow your past to dictate your future you will always find yourself in a stuck situation. Any unhappy, negative and bad experiences of the past have no impact on your future happiness. If you choose to remain attached to it, you restrict your forward movement. Let go of the past and be open to starting over in the now.

  • Holding Grudges

Harbouring ill feelings towards someone who hurt you, or did you wrong in the past, stops you appreciating and enjoying the beauty of life. Whilst it’s not always easy to forgive and forget, it is possible to learn from the experience and to let it go. You don’t have to forgive anyone but yourself for holding on to the grudge for so long. You can free youself by emotionally detaching from the person and experience.of the past. Breaking this habit gives you an opportunity to clean your emotional slate.

  • Being Too Sedentary

There are a great number of people who don’t get sufficient daily exercise. Having a lifestyle that is too sedentary is the cause of this destructive habit. If you spend your working day seated at a desk, and then go home to chill and relax on the sofa, your body isn’t getting enough physical movement to burn many calories. There are countless ways in which you can get your body moving. Join a gym, sign up for a dance class, or turn up the volume on your favourite tunes when you are doing the housework. As you move, your body will release feel good endorphins that boost your emotional state and wellbeing.

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