Deepening The Bond With Your Dad

On Sunday 18th June, we honour dads, stepfathers and other father figures in our lives with quality time, a card and gift, and perhaps a treat like giving them complete charge of the TV remote control for the entire day!

Every year Father’s Day presents you with a prime opportunity to deepen the special bond that you share. On this day you can give your dad the priceless gift of strengthening your bond and developing a more loving connection.

Send A Letter

It’s sometimes easier to express how you feel in writing than it is to speak the words out aloud. Writing a special Father’s Day letter is a great way to express your genuine feelings without inhibitions. Your letter can be a simple list of all the things that your like and love about your dad. Or a complication of special memories that mean a lot to you. You can also enclose a photograph for added sentimental effect.

Writing from the heart shows genuine appreciation and sets a positive tone for improving, healing, and/or deepening your relationship.

Have Fun Times Together

Having fun times with your dad doesn’t stop the second you hit your teens. Nothing replaces happy memories of great times when you’ve shared a laugh and enjoyed each other’s company. This year, make it a plan to do something special with your dad, to create a new happy memory.

Take a drive out into the countryside, if your dad lives in a town or city. Plan an activity that involves something special that you know your dad with love and enjoy. Take a leisurely stroll together and talk about happy times. If you have children of your own you could also take them along to enjoy a quality generational bonding session.

Start Over

Not every parent/child relationship is nurturing, supportive and happy. Many adults have a difficult relationship with their father, but it’s not impossible to alter your perspective on the bond. As an adult you have life experience and wisdom behind you to be able to understand that not all relationships are created equal.

If you have had a falling out with your dad you can take the opportunity, on Father’s Day, to clear the air and make amends. Taking ownership of your feelings, and your part in the relationship breakdown, allows you to take charge of the situation in a grown up way that is beneficial to both of you. Have the humility to take the lead and apologise, and be open to having a real conversation. It takes real courage and the willingness to listen but you may learn something about your dad, and a lot more about yourself.

Practice Gratitude

This year give your parent/child relationship the peace, love and healing that it deserves. Being grateful for the loving bond that you share with your dad makes your connection stronger. Simple acts of gratitude, nurturing and kindness support your dad’s wellbeing and show him how much you care. On greeting your dad expand your usual “hi dad” and transform it into a genuinely warm hug to make your message of love loud and clear.

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