Connecting with lost loved ones on Poppy Day

Posted on 7th November 2014

The 11th of November is recognised as Remembrance Day. Also known as Armistice Day or Poppy Day this annual commemoration is observed in Commonwealth countries and honours all members of the British Armed Forces who have died in the line of duty since the end of World War I. This poignant event is organised by the Royal British Legion and all donations, go towards supporting bereaved families and wounded Service men and women and in helping younger veterans establish a new 

Support and understanding for bereaved families coming to terms with the loss of a loved one, through death in the line of duty, takes time, patience and understanding. Seeking comfort and support, at this painful time, can be difficult. Some people are able to openly express extreme pain, anguish and emotion whilst others bottle it up and do not seek assistance of any sort. 

For those individuals with spiritual beliefs there is always comfort available outside of the family and friends support network. Reconnecting Spiritual practices like prayer, reflection and meditation can help both the grieving and healing processes. Whether you seek spiritual support through the church or through personal development makes no difference. Healing comes from within so connecting through spirituality or faith enables an individual to seek solace at this sensitive time. 

Remembrance Day offers an opportunity to reconnect with a lost loved one and to find personal peace. Those who believe in reincarnation or life after death may naturally feel inclined to explore reconnection with their loved one. A reputable spiritual reader may be able to connect to the departed and to provide support and guidance for healing. Spiritual readings are an accepted form of support because they provide comfort for those people experiencing the emotional pain and turbulence of life and death. 

Other forms of personal connection include spending quiet reflection time visiting the grave or special place of remembrance or commemorating by planting a tree. Spirit messages, if you are spiritually open you may find that your loved one may try to communicate with you. Feelings and sensations, dreams and special meaningful songs playing on the radio often translate as attempts at communication by the deceased. These occurrences are common and mostly happen when you are alone. Reconnection may feel like a presence in the room, a physical touch, a familiar smell or a dream visitation. Sometimes the phone may ring but there is only static on the line when you answer it. Or a significant personal object may suddenly appear in a new place in your home. These experiences provide comfort and help the grieving person to move forward in life. Loved ones who have departed sometimes try to communicate as a way of providing assurance. Whilst this is fairly common do not be disappointed if you are expecting to receive some form of communication but it does not happen. Reflection time will help you connect with your lost loved one through your heart and this form of communication is always available to you. 

For further guidance speak with one of our spiritual readers who is experienced in communicating with spirit.


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