Confidence Tips For First Date Success

Whether you have embraced online dating or you’re connecting with potential love matches in an alternative way, a first date with someone new is still likely to make you feel anxious and nervous. To overcome your first date fears, here are a few practical tips that will boost your dating confidence and success.

Be Comfortable

Everyone wants to make a positive and lasting first impression on a first date. It’s therefore essential that you’re comfortable. When choosing your outfit pick clothes that you like, and that flatter your figure without compromising your comfort. Don’t dress to impress if it means that you’re going to have to suck in your tummy all night long, just to look glam and sexy. If you’re going to spend your date night worrying about the clothes you’re wearing, you really need to rethink your outfit.

Refresh Your Memory

If you’ve connected to a potential romantic suitor via the internet it’s helpful to refresh your memory before your big date. Reread the messages that your date sent you so that you have a few conversation starters planned. Doing your homework will give you the confidence to chat to your date about common interests, and other topics that you have previously explored.

Be Yourself

There’s nothing sexier than a man or woman who feels comfortable in their own skin. Being yourself is the most important factor for first date success. Don’t be shy about showing off your sense of humour and unique personality traits. When you have the confidence to reveal your authentic self to anyone every date is a success. Being yourself is a highly appealing and positive habit that you won’t want to break.

Go With The Flow

Once you have set up the date, all you have to do is go with the flow. Unless you’re on a blind date there’s a good chance that you already know many things about this new person. Relax and allow the conversation to flow naturally. There’s no need to nervously chatter just to fill in any pauses. Talk to your date like you would engage in conversation with a friend. Do pay attention to you body language though, so that you don’t give out mixed signals.

Don’t Over Think Things

Before a first date it’s perfectly natural to want to rehearse the meeting in your head, or in front of the mirror. Going over all the potential possibilities will only make you more anxious and nervous than you might already be. Dare yourself to be brave, and to let go of the need to know how things are likely to pan out. Focus instead on boosting your confidence in other ways. Let go of over thinking, and consider yourself lucky to have an opportunity to meet someone new. Being appreciative of this new experience will boost your confidence and enable you to have a great time, regardless of whether or not you move on to a second date.

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