Common Myths About Psychics

Posted on 11th November 2016

There are a great many common myths that surround psychics, psychic readings and other esoteric and spiritual matters and interests. We all love a bit of mystery and magic, and these myths help to add fascination and intrigue. If you want to know the truth about how psychics work read on to explore the facts…

Believable Myths

Psychics can read your mind

Psychics are normal people who have developed their unique spiritual gifts so that they can help and guide others. By tapping into the energy of the spiritual realm they are able to pass on information, and to answer questions that you ask. Whilst many psychics have highly developed intuition and empathy this doesn’t mean that they possess the power to read your mind. When a psychic tells you something that is on your mind, they are simply tuning into their intuition and connecting with your energy in order to relay this information. Psychics don’t know what you’re thinking. They do know what you’re feeling though, and this can be helpful in determining what is on your mind. When you are anxious, worried, upset, angry or frustrated your feelings will seep into your energy, and this is what a psychic ‘reads’. The same applies if you have positive feel good feelings.

Psychics can predict the future

Whilst predicting future events is what psychics are predominately known for, this is not actually what they do. The future is influenced by the choices and decisions that you make in the present, and fate, destiny and free will also impact on this. During a psychic reading an experienced psychic will read your energy and ‘predict’ probable outcomes to current situations and circumstances. This is a bit like reading a map. To reach the predicted outcome you will need to follow your soul’s path and intuition. Whatever decisions you make along the way can keep you on the direct path or lead you astray. Consulting a psychic can help you identify obstacles on your path

Super Powers

Psychics can curse you

It’s easy to label psychics as witches and warlocks who cast spells, when you don’t really know how they use their intuitive spiritual gifts. These psychic powers of enchantment tend to be the favoured thoughts of superstitious people who do not like to explore the unknown. Wishes, good or bad, have no power unless the person they are aimed at accepts the energy of the wish. This means that no one can put a curse on you unless you believe that they can! As curses have no real power, psychics can’t remove them either. What psychics can do however is identify negative energy forms that attach themselves to people. They can work with you to remove this type of entity.

Sceptical Reasoning

Psychics are just people who are good at cold reading

The ability to tell someone interesting and accurate facts about themselves, simply by reading their body language, or interpreting their words and emotions is known as ‘cold reading’. These tricks can be quickly learned by anyone and require no psychic skill at all. Genuine psychics work with their spirit guides and intuition to connect with you on a deeper level. Psychic readers who work on the phone have no way of cold reading your body language and tap into the energy of your voice during a psychic reading. To be 100% sure that you are dealing with a reputable psychic be discerning and always trust your gut feeling. Sometimes the information that is given may be so accurate that it seems unbelievable, but you can trust that it’s down to the magic of spirit. To check out the myths, call one of our experienced psychic readers today.


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