Clown Epidemic, Prank?

Posted on 24th October 2016

The clown epidemic started off in Greenville, South Carolina, where the first sighting was recorded from a young boy, he saw this strange ‘clown character’ which tried to lure him into the woods, since then it spread across the US and has come oversees to our own back yard, it officially hit the UK early this month where a 13-year-old boy received a warning from Northumbria police for scaring people while wearing a clown costume and waving a fancy-dress knife. On the same day, two young girls were approached by clowns in a black van in Clacton-On-Sea. 

Is it merely a Halloween prank or is it more sinister? Scores of scary sightings have been logged all over the UK by police, they have ranged from the bemusing to the sinister. It almost feels like you’re right back to your childhood being terrified by Stephen King’s character ‘Pennywise the dancing clown’ from ‘It’. Fuelled by social media the phenomenon has caused disruption to the public, schools in Ottawa and Toronto were sent warning letters home following police incidents involving teenagers dressing up as clowns. The trend however, has taken its toll on real clowns, some fearing for their safety as well as their careers as the public react more and more angrily. However there are rumours that this could all be a very clever marketing stunt for the remake of Stephen Kings Novel which is currently shooting in Toronto, the directors have denied this. What do you think?

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