Christmas present ideas for your partner's zodiac sign

Posted on 22nd December 2020

What to get your partner for Christmas based on their zodiac sign? You'll be surprised to know that you can get a lot of gift ideas from someone's birth chart! Every sign is different, so make a big impression with a spot on gift this Christmas.

What to get an Aries for Christmas? The answer lies in their element: fire! Your partner is a passionate soul with so many interests so get them something to express their creative side like art supplies, study materials or a course to get stuck into. 

Ruled by Venus, getting a Taurus a Christmas gift involves their style or their stomach! With indulgent taste, a Taurus will be happy with delicacies to nibble on, sparkly things or sumptuous fabrics to paw over the Christmas period.

A Gemini's best asset is their brain, so before you ask what to get your Gemini for Christmas, think of their interests, they're likely to have a collection of hobbies or interests that you can shop around, or failing that, the latest bestselling book. 

A Cancer is a sentimental soul and they really don't care what they get, as long as it has feeling. A mix tape, photo album or video of the two of you together will fill their heart with good feels and put you in their good books for a long time. 

A Leo has a huge heart and, similar to a Cancer, are happy to receive something sentimental, however, if you're reeeally asking, they also love shiny sparkly things and anything really individual, they are ruled by the Sun after all! 

A Virgo falls into one of two camps: either a hardcore minimalist, or an eccentric collector. The clue of what to buy your Virgo for Christmas lies here, somewhere between stationary and useful appliances or quirky ornaments and vintage hats. 

Similar to the Taurus, Libra is ruled by Venus, so aesthetic is everything when buying a Libra a Christmas gift. Think art, style, fashion and apply it to pretty much anything: glossy coffee table books, artwork, clothes, fragrances, flowers. If it's eyecatching, go for it. 

Scorpios spend a lot of time in their inner world, so gifting them something to assist with this deep work is best: notebooks and diaries, meditation equipment, plants, coffee mugs and creative materials will all go down a treat.

What to get your Sagittarius for Christmas? Well, actually, it's best to get a Sag an experience rather than a "thing". A day out, a mini break, something hands on that they can lose themselves in adventurous spirit is sure to win you big points. 

Capricorns are hardworking souls so treat yours to some pampering. A manicure, a massage, a spa day or a good pair of fluffy slippers will soothe your Capricorns capable nerves and get them putty in your hands. 

Ruled by Uranus, an Aquarius is not only quirky and smart, but often obsessed with something. From Harry Potter to potted plants, suss out what your Aquarius is really into and get something related. You're welcome! 

A Pisces likes the ethereal so crystals is a big one. Anything else mystical or dreamy is in, and this includes other types of escapism like their favourite series on DVD or a nice bottle of wine. They'll be happy to indulge with you!

What do you think? Would you like your zodiac themed Christmas gift?

Ellie Rose xoxo 

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