Chinese New Year – Year Of The Fire Rooster

Posted on 24th January 2017

January 28th, 2017 is the Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster. Recognised as an impatient creature, the Fire Rooster possesses a strong sense of integrity, with excellent timekeeping and a responsible attitude. If you share the Rooster’s fire element you are also likely to be loyal, career-oriented, and hardworking. 

Children born after January 28th, in 2017, will be the self-assured Fire Roosters of tomorrow.

The 4 Types Of Rooster

Fire                            1957, 2017 

Earth                          1909, 1969 

Gold                           1921, 1981 

Water                         1933, 1993


The Fire Rooster’s Personality

Courageous and talented Fire Roosters born in 1957 are naturally confident and self-assured people. They possess powerful and dominant personalities and tend to be the popular and vivacious person who is always the centre of attention, particularly in a group environment. The lively Fire Rooster loves small talk and never tires of being the life and soul of the party. There are times however, when talkative Rooster can be a little too outspoken and blunt, and a touch egotistical and vain. Fire Roosters have a tidy mind and are born organisers. This creature of habit never fails to have everything in good order. Even decisions are made with careful planning and consideration. On the downside, this overly analytical approach can sometimes have Rooster chasing his tail. In extreme situations expect the Fire Rooster to flee, before events get out of hand and take a turn for the worst.

Positive Traits:

  1. Highly motivated
  2. Strongly principled
  3. Diligent

Negative Traits:

  1. Over dramatic
  2. Single-minded
  3. Temperamental

Fire Rooster’s Financial Management Skills

When it comes to the management of finances independent thinking Fire Roosters are truly in their element. Roosters are super cautious, prudent and highly skilled around money. They make great financial advisers, bank managers, and accountants, and have an uncanny knack of finding money in unusual places. Traditional Chinese cultural beliefs claim that the Fire Rooster’s strong beak and claws enable him to find the juiciest worm, even in the driest desert conditions. Many Fire Roosters also experience considerable financial success in middle age.

Typical Male/Female Fire Rooster Characteristics

The typical Rooster male likes to show off his swagger to full effect, in the company of females. He loves nothing better than to demonstrate what a proud and smart fellow he is. It’s not surprising to discover that male Roosters don’t enjoy the company of other men. Instead they prefer to charm the ladies. Hen Roosters also prefer the company of other women, but will choose to be around men in a profession capacity.

The Fire Rooster’s Life Cycles

During the Fire Rooster’s life he/she will experience the most extreme highs and lows, both in business and when it comes to love and romance. Rooster will go from rags to riches, and from true love to casual encounters and emotional entanglements. However, by the time Rooster reaches a ripe old age he/she will be comfortably happy. To find out what the Year of the Fire Rooster has in store for you, call one of our experienced psychic readers today.

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