Chinese New Year 2021 | What will the Chinese New year Bring?

Posted on 7th February 2021

2021 Chinese New Year, The Year of the Ox,  begins on the 12th of February. 

This is an ideal time to have an in-depth Tarot Reading to reveal what Changes Chinese New year could bring for you. This Upcoming year is ‘Yang Wood’ This combination with the year of the Horse occurs once every 60 years, this year will signify people sticking to their principles and fighting for their ideas. The Wood Horse will be a very energetic and unpredictable year, be ready for a fast moving pace of life especially in comparison of the slower energy from the year of the water snake. This is a year of decisions, adventures and romance. The Optimistic nature of 2021, will allow everyone to cope with any financial hardship they may face using the belief that good fortune is always on its way. 

The kind hearted nature of the Ox in 2021 will provide us with supportive friends ready to help us as we helped them. Bright, intelligent and of course Energetic, those born under the Ox, are associated with success but this can make things difficult if they fail. So what will this year bring to those born in the year of the horse? First of all they need to be very careful with their finances this year as they may have trouble by overspending also it is a good idea to keep peace between colleagues. Use your brilliant mind to make clear rational choices in 2021 and it will turn into a unforgettable year. The Chinese New Year looks set to be an exciting one, with high Chances of Good Fortune and Sudden Gains; this is a perfect year to set out on any journeys you have planned.  

Enjoy Your Chinese New year 2021 and all That it brings.

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