The Chinese Year of the Sheep – leading the way to celebrating in style!

Posted on 18th February 2015

If you were born in 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, get ready to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Sheep in grand style! Sometimes also referred to as the year of the Goat or Ram, the Chinese zodiac sign of the Sheep represents calming and dependable souls who are mild mannered and sincere. Although they prefer to follow others, instead of leading the pack, creative and intelligent Sheep have a natural char

Check your zodiac sign to see what the year of the Sheep has in store for you.

Capricorn. Sheep will be stepping of the shadows this year and impressing others with carefully considered plans and projects. Teaming up with others will get the job done doubly quick and will offer ample opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Aquarius. Sheep love to get entwined in creative projects but it’s important to spend some time planning. Your unique way of thinking can sometimes confuse people so take your time and expand your originality before showing your ideas off to the world.

Pisces Sheep are versatile and adaptable and know how to get things done. This year stop putting other people first and concentrate your efforts on achieving those personal dreams.

Aries. Sheep have an optimistic disposition so use this to take charge of your personal life this year. To increase opportunity and possibility learn to trust your self more and watch your confidence blossom and grow.

Taurus. Sheep have bags of charisma but can sometimes hide behind their shyness. Concentrate on developing your confidence and you’ll soon start seeing positive changes in your areas of your life.

Gemini. Sheep are considered thinkers and like to make decisions with careful planning and due care. Staying focused on your goals will help overcome the indecisive streak that sometimes delays getting things off the ground.

Cancer Sheep love to soul search. Your dependable nature can sometimes be taken advantage of so start listening to your heart and follow your own dreams. You’ll soon be too busy with your own plans to get caught up with the whims of others.

Leo Sheep are naturally confident and happy-go-lucky and this attitude will help you get plenty of creative projects off the ground in 2015. You just need to work on your daydreaming tendencies so that clever ideas become a reality this time.

Virgo Sheep can sometimes let their insecurities cloud their better judgment. Learn to use your analytical skills to explore new ideas and ways of working. Take time to get your bearings before committing to a thought or process and you won’t go wrong.

Libra Sheep love to wallow in beauty and are elegantly poised creatures. Instead of admiring beautiful things from a distance fully enjoy the experience of abundance by immersing your self in all meaningful things.

Scorpio Sheep like to while away the hours lost in dreamy thoughts. Charming and balanced in nature, use your time more productively by keeping your focus on one goal or plan at a time.

Sagittarius Sheep are energetic and creative and love to put effort into everything. Allow your intelligence to guide you so that you can reap the rewards without having to put in quite as much time and energy.

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