Celebrity Big brother 2015 Predictions

Celebrity-Big-Brother-eye-for-the-2015-series-revealedA lot has already gone on this year in the big brother house! Psychic Future’s reader Susie take a look at what is written in the stars. Who will have this year’s Happy Ending and who is going to be the baddie in the fairytale.




Perez Hilton – March 23, 1978 – Aries.

Perez, has been living in his own castle as the King  and ruler for so many years, however, with Neptune and Mercury riding roughshod through Aries this year, Perez is about to see his castle walls crumble.   Perez will clash with many of the housemates and prove unpopular.   Mercury is famous for being responsible for causing people to speak before thinking.    Expect to see his eviction from the house very soon.


Patsy Kensit – March 4, 1968 – Pisces

Patsy was born quite literally with the stars shining upon her.   Mars Venus & the Moon were all in her sign when she made her appearance and she was always destined to shine.    Patsy will do well in the house and will definitely put all her efforts into the tasks at hand.  A team player and a true friend to all she meets.   Will she win, No – but will come out in the finals.


Calum Best – February 6, 1981 – Aquarius. 

Calum, has been ruled by Venus for the past 5 years.  No stranger to heartbreak  hard work and setbacks, as Venus is always setting challenges.   Expect to see an altogether different Calum emerge than the man portrayed in the media.   Can he win No – but will strike up a close friendship with Chloe Goodwin and Cami Li.


Calum and Alicia have already been out in the past but there will definitely not be any rekindling of romance.


Nadia Sawalha – November  18, 1964 – Scorpio

Nadia is going to be the mother of the house.  She is genuine kind and ruled by Pluto.   She is not afraid to have a go and rub along but woe betide anyone who wants to cause trouble.   Nadia will soon take them down with her no nonsense attitude.  Could she win – Yes!


Alicia Douvall – January 1, 1980 – Capricorn

Alicia is so misunderstood.   Ruled by Uranus, with Venus making fleeting appearances in her star sign this year, this lady is prone to tears and strength in equal measures.   Not expected to find romance in the house this year, as Uranus offers strength and reflection.   Expect to see her on TV more this coming year.   Can she win – No.


Alexander O’Neal – November 15, 1953 – Scorpio

Alexander is a solitary character who is happiest in his own company.  Ruled by Neptune he carries a huge shied which he is not afraid to use on those that get too close.   However, the  Sun features heavily in his star sign this year and Alexander will find himself testing his own boundaries – Can Alexander win –  A definite contender if he does not alienate himself.


Michelle Visage – September 20, 1968 Virgo

Michelle is ruled by the Moon.   This lady comes alive as the day wears on.   She likes to always dress as if she is going out for a party.   Not afraid to speak her mind and tell others what she thinks.   Will clash with Katie Hopkins and will not be able to stand the CBB house – Will be one of the first to be evicted.


Keith Chegwin – January 17, 1957 – Capricorn

Keith is ruled by Jupiter the planet of lucky opportunity and optimism.  Whatever life throws at Keith he bounces back and is naturally happy and brings out the best in others.   Provided Keith cannot get too over enthusiastic the planets are on his side.   –  Can he win, going to be tough contest between him and Nadia – but a definite yes the public love him.


Katie Hopkins – February 13, 1975 – Pisces

Katie is ruled by Pluto the planet of deception and rebirth and illusion.   This lady portrays an illusion of tough no nonsense yet underneath is vulnerable and scared.   Constant rebirth and re-invention.   Katie knows when to stop and when to back off.   CBB could be the making of Katie and bring the public to her side.   Can she win no.  But expect to see her on more TV shows in the future with a huge career ahead of her.


Cami Li – December 30, 1986 – Capricorn

Cami is ruled by the planet of Mars.   Shock able and a temptress.    Expect to see Cami showing off her body at every opportunity but with Mars, the planet can burn out quickly and leave the person drained.   Can she win – No.  Early eviction looms


Chloe Goodman – June 19, 1981

Chloe, is ruled by the planet of Jupiter  – a pretty face, super hot body but a real let down once the initial excitement has worn off.     Little to offer viewers and will be one of the first to be evicted.


Anthony Kavagnagh (Kavana) – November 4, 1970

Ruled by clashing Mars & Uranus – Kavana can find himself being a little annoying to those around him.   Is the last to pitch in and help very laid back and likes to sleep quite a bit.   Not a hit with the viewers.  Not expected to last long in the house.


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